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4 Tips to Ensure Lash Extension Safety and Hygiene

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Lash extensions have become an essential cosmetic accessory for women wanting longer, voluminous, and shiny eyelashes. These extensions offer a lot of benefits in terms of beauty and style. However, it is important to prioritize safety and hygiene when opting for any type of lash extensions. 

Also, taking care of them is necessary if you want to use them for a longer period. It will not only ensure good health but will also prevent you from getting infections and discomfort. Read below as we describe the top 4 tips to ensure the safety and hygiene of lash extensions. 


    1. Choose a Certified Lash Technician 

The first person you are going to be in contact with is your lash extension technician. They will guide you on how to use these extensions and which type of extensions to opt for. While you are with them, make sure to ask them about their certification and licenses. 

Do thorough research before you choose any technician. This will involve checking if they have proper training from a reputable institution. A lash technician who knows their craft will be able to understand all the safety and hygiene concerns related to applying extensions. 

They will help them maintain the health of your natural lashes as well as prevent artificial ones from causing any discomfort or damage to your eyes. 

   2. Prioritize Salon Cleanliness and Hygiene

Salon is where you will go for your lash appointment. While you are there, observe the cleanliness and hygiene practices they follow. This will show how serious they are about maintaining hygiene in their work. 

You will also have to pay attention to the types of tools and accessories they are using in the salon. Quality salons will always use disposable tools and sanitized equipment to prevent any potential infections caused due to unhygienic conditions. If you anyhow come to know that they are not using quality equipment, consider seeking services elsewhere. 

    3. Weigh Allergies and Sensitivities

Before you apply lash extensions, it is advised to consult an expert lash technician to weigh your options. Ask them about any allergies and sensitivities associated with these extensions and how to properly use them in order to avoid these allergies. 

This is because some people have allergies to the adhesives used in lash extensions and artificial hair. So, make sure to consult a technician who listens to your concerns and will provide you with the best options. 

You can also undergo some allergy tests to assess your potential reactions to certain beauty products and chemicals. Doing this will minimize the risk of discomfort and problems caused due to eyelash extensions and common makeup mistakes

    4. Embrace Aftercare Practices

Lash extension safety and hygiene go beyond pre-application considerations. Once you have bought the extensions and are using them on a regular basis, it is advised to take proper care of them. This includes washing and brushing them daily. 

You can explore premium lash extension shampoos at Lashes by RK to cleanse your lash extensions and ensure they remain allergen and infections-free. Also, use a gentle lash extension brush to brush your extensions and prevent tangling and buildup of allergens. 


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