The 5 Best Countries for US Expats

For many, moving overseas — whether for work or other reasons — becomes inevitable. And at such times, location is all that matters. Many US expats report having had fulfilling experiences abroad, though an equal number have horror stories to share. Here are some countries which are known to be great destinations for US expats.



Known as the Gateway to Asia, or Asia 101, Singapore is a great starter country for expats looking for career opportunities in Southeast Asia. The region is currently experiencing high economic growth, and many expats have been steadily moving in to take advantage of the opportunities. However, the lack of English facilities and poor living conditions in some areas make it a challenging area for some expats. 

Challenges aside, Singapore is an easy city to settle into. Low crime rates, cleanliness, and an English-speaking environment are some factors commonly cited as reasons to move to Singapore. Though the country offers first-world comforts, it is nevertheless near enough to other Southeast Asian countries to make weekend trips and short business trips convenient.


Vietnam, unlike China, its neighbor to the north, is still relatively untouched by globalization in terms of culture and has a lot to offer. However, it nevertheless manages to offer modern amenities and a big-city feel. Vietnam is also growing in popularity with manufacturers, and more and more companies are beginning to move their operations and manufacturing bases to Vietnam. Sending money from the US to Vietnam is not a problem either, as Vietnam has seen various improvements to its infrastructure in recent years, making remittances online a piece of cake.


China’s big cities offer glitz and glamor that many countries can only dream of matching up to. In recent years, the standard of living in China has improved by leaps and bounds, and big cities now offer almost everything that one might possibly miss living away from home. Many young people in China now speak English fairly well, and hence communication should not be a problem. Career-wise, China is the world’s hottest market, and a manufacturing hub, with numerous promising opportunities to offer.


While Germany may not strike you as a common destination for expats, it is nevertheless one of the world’s top economies, and a first-world country rich in history and culture. For those that do not speak a word of German, getting around in Germany is nevertheless not a problem as most Germans are fluent in English. The country is also conveniently located such that travel to other parts of Europe is fast and affordable. In recent years, many US expats have headed off to Germany for new business ventures and have fared extremely well.


The Land of Smiles has long been a popular destination for expats all over the world. Low prices, friendly locals and beautiful beaches are named as some of the top draws of Thailand. Thailand’s steady growth means that it is one of the top economies in Southeast Asia, which then makes it a promising location for those seeking to further their careers. Additionally, the high number of existing expat clubs will provide a great support network for anyone looking to move to Thailand.


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