The Wonder of Coffee Pods

If you haven’t heard of coffee pods, then you must have been living under a rock. The coffee pod is the go-to for anyone who loves good coffee but doesn’t have the time to wait in line at a coffee shop or for a French press. They provide the user with a great-tasting cup of coffee at a fraction of the cost of a coffee cup from your favorite coffee house. No matter what type of coffee you are looking for, you will be able to find it in pod form

For many of us, the day isn’t started until we get that first cup of coffee. That hit of caffeine jump start’s the day. Do you know what all the hype is about coffee and why that first cup makes a world of difference to our morning? Let us take a closer look at why coffee is such a big deal. 


Story of the Right Cup of Coffee

The birth of coffee is traced back to Kaldi, an Ethiopian goat herder who is credited with discovering the potential of these beans. Kaldi noticed that his goat’s behavior changed significantly after eating the berries from a specific tree. The goats become incredibly energetic, and they were unable to sleep in the evening. 

The berries were then taken to the local abbot, who decided to make a drink with the berries. The abbot discovered that his energy levels during his evening prayer were far better. His success with the berries was shared with other members of the monastery, and the news spread. Once the news spread, coffee was quickly consumed throughout the world.

Nowadays, not only can you buy a cup of coffee on what feels like every street corner, but you can also make high-quality coffee in seconds with a coffee pod. You can buy coffee pods in all major stores and even online. 

The Unique Benefits of Coffee

Coffee does not only taste great but what many people don’t know is that it has several health benefits. Here are some of the health benefits and other unique benefits that coffee has to offer:

Life Expectancy

After a study of over 10 million participants, it was discovered that drinking a single cup of coffee a day will reduce the risk of death by 3%. Drinking three cups of coffee a day reduces the risk of death by 13%. 


It has been scientifically proven that drinking both caffeinated and decaffeinated coffee will reduce the risk of liver cancer. Coffee also reduces the risk of colon cancer in women by 20% if they drink three cups a day. There is also a 10% reduction in the chance of developing postmenopausal breast cancer. 


Studies have shown that coffee consumption will reduce one’s likelihood of having a stroke. The study was conducted on over 83,000 women by the Journal of the American Heart Association.


People who drink coffee, four or more cups a day are half as likely to develop type two diabetes than those who don’t. This consumption result is when consuming black coffee without sweeteners.

Mental Health

A study by Harvard Medical School showed that people who drink coffee are less likely to be depressed. Coffee stimulates the release of dopamine in your brain; dopamine creates euphoria and happiness. Drinking coffee also gives you a boost of energy; this boost of energy will put the coffee drinker in a better mood. 

With all the benefits that coffee has to provide, it is no wonder it is so popular. Add to that the fact that coffee has a great taste, and you see just why coffee is thought of so highly. 

Why Buy Coffee Pods

Since they came onto the scene, coffee pods have been known for their convenience and lack of quality. This is no longer the case; coffee pods now provide the drinker with a great tasting product while still extremely easy and convenient. Here is a more in-depth look at why to buy coffee pods:


Our greatest commodity in life is time; it’s the one thing we can lose and never get back. A coffee pod machine will make a cup of coffee from start to finish in about 25 seconds. Compared to making coffee from coffee beans, which involves grinding the beans, boiling water, and allowing beans to brew. Even if a French Press is being used, it still takes a lot longer.

Ease of Use

So, we know that making a cup of coffee from scratch has a few steps. If the steps aren’t carried out correctly, the coffee doesn’t taste right, which in most cases ruins the day. Well, when using coffee pods, it’s a simple process. Open the lid, insert the cup, close the lid, and press a button. Ok, you have to plug in the machine and put water in it first, does it get any easier? Only buying it pre-made from a coffee shop would be faster if there is no line that is.

Consistent Taste

When you are making a cup of coffee at home, finding consistency is extremely difficult. The problem is getting the same amount every time is a challenge. With coffee pods, you will always have the same consistency. Every cup of coffee tastes the same. 


If you are one of the millions that stop at a coffee house every morning for your morning coffee, then you know that this can be an expensive routine. That five bucks every day mounts up; that is 600 a month or 7,200 a year. Buying a box of coffee pods is a lot more affordable.

The coffee pod industry is continuing to grow; in the Netherlands and France, it makes up more than 30% of the coffee that is consumed. It is the second most popular brew type in The United States. There’s no surprise when you can brew the perfect cup of coffee in your pajamas, in under 30 seconds, and without having to leave your home.



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