Best coffee beans in Singapore 

Nothing brings joy in the morning than waking up to a cup of coffee. When time is of great importance and your day’s to-do list hasn’t been touched, maybe the instant granulated coffee for a cuppa will be a swift pick me up. However, coffee lovers know that the best coffee bean quality will bring an uncompromising experience. There is no way to get that quality than using well-roasted coffee berries that are powdered to perfection. Finding the best coffee beans in Singapore is not easy, especially with the several brands available. If you are in Singapore and want to get the best coffee beans, here are Delonghi Singapore’s coffee beans to consider.

Best coffee beans in Singapore

Kimbo Prestige Caffeine Coffee Beans 250g

If you are a java lover, you ought to love these coffee berries. They are derived from the most high-grade Arabica Java berries of Columbia, Brazil, and Peru. Additionally, these beans match with a slender variety of robusta berries in Asia to grant a moderate sweetness and body. Its sweet-smelling experience from beans gives off whiffs of caramel, dried fruits, and freshly toasted biscuits. To complete its sensible experience, it features a charmingly acidic finish alongside an enduring fragrant after flavor. The beans comprise thirty-five percent Robust coffee beans and sixty-five percent Arabica.

Best coffee beans in Singapore

Kimbo Gourmet Espresso Coffee Beans 250 grams

These beans feature a dainty blend of twenty percent robusta coffee beans and eighty percent Arabica coffee beans exquisitely from the java belt’s trusted coffee producers. This coffee balances both a refreshing acidity and sweetness via a blend of natural processed and washed coffee beans. This mix features a slight roast to maintain the unique characteristics of these coffee beans, eliciting the senses of freshly toasted bread and toasted biscuits. The coffee originates from Brazil, Java, Salvador, and Guatemala; it contains twenty percent robusta and eighty percent Arabica.

Decaffeinato Whole coffee bean 250 grams

This is De’longhi first decaffeinated cappuccino coffee beans. The coffee is a hundred percent jitter-free as a natural carbon dioxide procedure extracts espresso, so you won’t feel any jitters after taking it. It has some tobacco ingredients with chocolate hints and a pleasant smell with a harmonious mouthfeel. It is a combination of fifty percent robusta coffee and fifty percent arabica coffee that is carefully picked from Brazil, Colombia, India, Vietnam, assuring you of getting an ideal coffee experience.

Caffe Crema Whole Coffee beans 250 grams

This coffee blend features a fragrant java profile that offers a mixture of pleasant acidity and sweetness. Its fragrance elicits the taste of sugarcane, fruitfulness and its velvety texture creates the ideal mouthfeel that leaves an intense and lingering aftertaste. It originates from India, Brazil, and Ethiopia and is made of a hundred percent arabica coffee beans, ensuring a quality drink.


The decaf coffee beans you choose will undoubtedly make a difference in how good you make each cup of cappuccino. The choice of the coffee beans you choose can play a vital role in the experience you get. If you want a relentless delight in every java sip you take, the above Delonghi Singapore’s coffee beans assure you of the best as they come from quality coffee.


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