The 3 Things That Matter When It Comes To Buying Chainsaws

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Buying things on the internet isn’t as easy as it used to be. Type anything on Google, and you’ll be hit with a barrage of information in a matter of seconds. Then you have the unenviable task of clicking on each search result to find the product of your dreams.

That’s why, if you’re in the market for a chainsaw – then you’ve come to the right place. Thanks to Google, you’ll always have the option of clicking on results like – best chainsaw under 300 – but before you do, we’d like a moment of your time.

We’ve compiled a spectacular list of features that any chainsaw worth its salt should possess, and all you have to keep reading to find out what they are. Ready to rumble?

3 Factors You Need To Keep In Mind About Chainsaws

Before you get too anxious, there’s no science to buying a chainsaw. It’s just a matter of knowing your needs and practicing good judgment. Oh, and then there are the three factors we’re about to break down for you. But, that’s all, we promise.

Engine Type

Anyone will tell you that engines are pretty darn important – no matter what the machine.

And, when it comes to engines in chainsaws, you can choose between a gas-powered or electric machine. However, electric chainsaws can be corded or cordless – with the cordless option being the kind that runs on batteries.

Suffice it to say, a homeowner’s engine specs will be very different from someone who’s looking to buy a chainsaw for work. Another element you need to consider is how much power you need your motorized saw to have. For instance, a medium-sized electric saw or a 30cc gas-powered saw can easily cut through a small tree. For tasks like limbing you’ll need a machine that’s got enough power.

Power Option

If you plan on getting yourself a cordless machine, pick one that has lithium-ion batteries. Lithium batteries are quick to charge, light-weight, and more durable.

The next best option, after lithium, is Ni-Cad batteries (also known as nickel cadmium batteries).One of the perks of Ni-Cad batteries is that they’re cheaper, but unfortunately they take longer to charge.

Bar Length

The guide bar length determines how much wood a chainsaw can cut in a single go. If you want to chainsaw for cutting wood at home or for a DIY project, then it’s best you stick to a smaller option.

You need to remember, that a longer guide bar length does not automatically mean that you’re dealing with a better chainsaw. For instance, a 16-inch guide bar can easily cut wood that measures 32 inches, if the motor is powerful enough.

However, if you’re planning on cutting wood that measures 32 inches,  day in and day out, then you’re going to need a heavy-duty option with a bar length that exceeds 22 inches

The Conclusion

So there you have it, folks. We’ve given three super-important factors to consider when looking to purchase chainsaws, and we hope that they’ll prove useful for when you go shopping for your new gadget.

But, there’s a bonus tip we want to mention before you leave. Make sure you purchase safety equipment and gear along with your chainsaw so that you’re safety isn’t compromised in any way. Other than that, you’ll do great.



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