Your Teen Got Arrested, What Should You Do?

When your teenage child gets arrested, it’s vital that you stay calm and seek legal help from a criminal defense attorney in Kent. Try to find out more information about the offense, but don’t try to act as his lawyer. Your job as a parent is to provide support to your child and let the lawyer deal with the police. Read on to find out a more detailed guide on how to deal with your teen getting arrested.

Assess the situation

Receiving a call from the police informing you that your child got arrested might make you feel concerned, upset, or angry. Keep your composure so you can think clearly. Then, find out what’s going on before taking any action.

Head to the police station in Kent immediately. Talk with your child in private to find out more details about the situation. The federal law only allows you to talk to your child before he is interviewed, so it’s important to check if he is feeling well enough to be interviewed. Ensure that he knows his rights, but never say anything that will encourage your child to incriminate himself. Instead, it’s best for your child not to say anything until your attorney arrives.


Call a lawyer

Find a criminal defense attorney in Kent that specializes in Juvenile Law. This specialization ensures your lawyer puts the best interests of your child. The goal is to prove your child’s innocence or a lighter punishment like counseling or community service.

Work with your lawyer to help your child. If you have any information that could help in your child’s case, share it with your attorney. You might know a witness that could support your child, or he may have a learning disability or mental health problem that can turn the case to your favor. Also, gather documents that can testify to your child’s character. Some examples of this include your child’s achievements and certifications, character references, and report cards.

Talk to your child

Your child needs to understand how serious the situation is and takes responsibility for his actions. However, it’s also vital that you reassure him that he can get through this. It is your responsibility as a parent to find the right balance between the two cases. If your child doesn’t feel comfortable opening up to you, you may consider getting a counselor your child can talk to. Sometimes it’s easier to talk about problems to a stranger.

Whatever the outcome is, you should also stay supportive of your child. Work together with him in case he gets sentenced and assigned to community service commitments, counseling appointments, or treatment programs. Take this chance to correct his mistakes and learn from the experience.

As a parent, it’s only natural to think about your child’s best interests when he gets arrested by the police. But your well-meaning intention can hurt your child’s case accidentally if you act rashly in such situation. That’s why you need to stay calm, assess the situation, talk to your child, and seek legal help if you want to help him get through with the case.


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