4 Compelling Reasons to Tell Your Criminal Lawyer Everything

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Charges of criminal activity is never something to take lightly. In order to defend yourself in a court of law, you need the services of a criminal lawyer. One of the most important things you can do is tell your lawyer everything, no matter how embarrassing or awkward. If you are still hesitating, consider these four reasons to be completely straightforward with your legal counsel.

Your Lawyer Has More Information to Use For Preparing the Defense

More information is a good thing when you are talking about a criminal defence. You are not in a position to know what type of information could influence the direction that the defense will take. That’s because you could easily think some little detail is not important when in fact it would make a huge difference to the case. By contrast, criminal lawyers are capable of considering each detail you provide and determine how it would relate to the defence strategy. Let your legal counsel decide what information is and is not relevant.

The Case Could Potentially Be Resolved Faster

Providing full disclosure to your lawyer could provide the resources needed to resolve the issue sooner rather than later. Something you say could inspire the lawyer to pursue an investigation that yields new evidence. Depending on the nature of that evidence, the charges could be dropped and the case never goes to court. At other times, that detail could lead to uncovering other facts that strengthen the defence considerably and end up shortening the trial.

Your Lawyer Doesn’t Shock Easily

One of the reasons defendants hold back with their lawyers is embarrassment. No matter what the nature of that information happens to be, you can rest assured that the criminal lawyer Toronto has heard it all before. Remember that the information you share with the lawyer is kept in the strictest confidence and is only used for the defense if it becomes necessary. Set your embarrassment aside and tell your lawyer everything. Something you say could prevent you from ending up in jail.

Your Lawyer Will Find Out Eventually

Never assume that there is no way for your lawyer to find out things that you chose not to share. Either during a pre-trial investigation or information provided by third parties who will be testifying for the prosecution, rest assured it will come out. Telling your lawyer now means there is time to determine how to best deal with that information. If you say nothing and the opposing counsel brings up the information in court, your lawyer will have a more difficult time making use of it.

The bottom line is that you should never be anything but completely honest with your legal counsel. Doing so makes it easier for the lawyer to provide the best advice about how to proceed, what approach to the defence process would be in your best interests, and in general be prepared to defend you in court. Whatever rationalizations you have for withholding information, set them aside. In the long run, complete disclosure is the best course of action.


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