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Career Growth: Real Estate and its Countless Opportunities

Are you a fresh graduate looking for a job? Maybe you’re already part of the workforce, but want to venture into another career opportunity — preferably one that is flexible and won’t require you to wake up at dawn and work through late nights. Well, here’s a piece of good news for you. There’s an industry that allows you to do all that while, at the same time, potentially earn as much as 100,000 USD per year.

The real estate industry offers plenty of work opportunities. In addition, did you know that there is more to look into it aside from being an agent? Below, we provide a list of career options in the field of real estate:

Residential Real Estate Agent or Broker

This is, no doubt, one of the highest paying jobs in the world of real property. Real estate agents or brokers are usually independent sales professionals, meaning they are the boss of themselves. They earn through a commission-sharing setting, depending on the agreement they signed with developers.

To be a residential property agent is achievable, and it does not require you to spend a lot. The main requirement is being at least 18 years of age. A college degree is not a requisite, but it can certainly be a leverage. You must also take and pass a written exam focusing on property laws and real estate transactions. Most states also require 30 to 90 hours of classroom training.

Real Estate Appraiser

These experts are usually working for banks or appraising firms. A real estate appraiser is primarily tasked with determining the total value properties by comparing them with other properties available in an area or estimating the discounted value of cash flows expected from a real estate. In addition, they are responsible for providing unbiased estimates of a property’s value and quality.

This profession is not a routine type of work because the services of appraisers are only required when homes are refinanced in a time when the real estate market is not increasing or steady.

Real Estate Attorney

If you have a passion and interest for law and real estate, plus you have the determination and resources to go further in your education, consider studying to be a real estate attorney.

Real estate attorneys can practice in many aspects and angles of real estate. Your knowledge and expertise will not be boxed in just one thing or specialization. You can advocate for tenant rights, offer consultation for real estate investors, or provide service for those who have been caught in a major real estate problem.

Roles in Development and Construction

Have a degree in engineering or architecture? Why not apply your learned disciplines in creating and developing properties in an efficient and innovative way? You can enter this business and work with or for another developer — a setting that allows you to pitch in your ideas and create small transactions to make your way to an executive position.

Good developers are results-oriented and know how to achieve building objectives on time, which involves managing labor, establishing time estimates, and getting appropriate equipment operators and members of construction crews, like a competent geodetic engineer for new potential projects or a land surveyor in Utah County.

The real estate industry is diverse. Once you have your license to practice, there are many different directions you can take over the course of your career!  Do not be afraid to take risks and venture out. Who knows, you may someday become a well-known real estate professional.




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