How to stick to a workout plan.

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There are many important reasons for being fit and healthy. Workouts beat stress like nothing else, they help concentration for work and study, and they keep you looking and feeling good. Setting up a workout plan that you can stick to is not just an investment in a healthy future but also a fantastic way to set yourself up to attain all your goals. Why? Because it helps improve time management and gives you structure to get the most out of your time. So far, so good with the theory, but sometimes real life gets in the way of the best-intentioned plans. Work deadlines, social life, fatigue, and sheer lack of day-to-day planning can all conspire to make you give up. Here are five useful tips to help you head off problems and stick to a workout that will serve you well in every aspect of your life:

  1. Choose an activity that suits your build and temperament

Your body and build are naturally suited to some activities more than others, and you will feel more at ease physically when you find the right fit. If you are very tall, try basketball; if you are fast and strong, go for American football; if you have a fit, athletic build, then maybe long-distance running could be your ideal activity. Of course, there are always exceptions, and if you have found your dream sport, then go for it absolutely; however, if you are having difficulty making up your mind, it’s worth taking your natural strengths into account. Take some time to think about whether you love team sports, single combat, or breaking your own records of personal achievement because the social and competitive focus of the activity that you choose will affect your level of satisfaction.

  1. Get the right fitness gear

One way to make the most of your initial motivation is to invest in the best (not the most expensive) fitness gear for your chosen activities. Consider the comfort, practicality, and style of your clothes and footwear so that once you get started on your new training sessions, these issues have already been solved and forgotten. Technological advances in compression clothing such as knee sleeves and leggings make for unsurpassed comfort and support, so use them to maximize your performance. Go for breathable fabrics that regulate body temperature and keep you comfortable throughout the day. Men’s crew neck t-shirts by Tommie Copper are one example of clothing that you can wear for working or working out. Make it easier for yourself to integrate physical fitness into your daily life by the choosing top-quality clothes.

  1. Take it easy at the start, and set personal goals

No matter how enthusiastic you are to get started, try not to give into the temptation to go all out in your first workout session because there will be a payback for it the next day when you wake up to muscle ache in places you never knew existed. Avoid pain, discouragement, and burnout by deliberately starting with an intensity that is lower than your current capability.  Your body needs a period of adjustment when you start a new physical activity, and you will really feel the long-term benefits when you build up slowly to a higher performance level.  Choose a period of time (one month, three months, an academic year), and set yourself a personal goal. For example, if you enjoy running, cycling, or swimming, aim to cover a set distance in a specific time. Allow yourself a few sessions before you set your goal to make sure that it is realistic.

  1. Do it with friends

Whatever your personal workout plan, try to go with a couple of friends; that way, if one friend can’t make it, there is still a responsibility to show up and satisfaction when you do. Like much of the best advice, it sounds like common sense, but when you enjoy your workouts in company, you get twice the benefits out of them. Long after the initial dreams of health and fitness have been battered down by deadlines, socializing, and the lure of sofa stupor, friends provide encouragement and motivation. Never underestimate the power of friendly competition and laughter. Your fitness routines and friendships may well last you for many years to come. Plus, there are many ways to enjoy a workout with friends right in the comfort of your own home with a Relifesports home gym.

  1. Build up a healthy lifestyle

Your overall wellbeing is the result of regular habits and multiple small decisions taken on a day-to-day basis. Make sure that your absolute routines are all healthy while your splurges and treats are allowed but not automatic. It has been scientifically proven that good rest (sleep and downtime) are an integral part of a healthy lifestyle, so make sure that your training is complemented by quality timeout. Keep a supply of fruit and nuts to grab before unhealthy snacks, and eat regular meals with an eye to balance and variety. Take it easy on the party lifestyle, and drink plenty of water before bedtime after a few beers so that you can face the morning after. Finally, look after your mental health as this has a reciprocal relationship with your motivation and physical fitness.

When you design a personal workout plan that you enjoy and you can stick to, you give structure and energy to your life that will help you to achieve personal goals. You already have the willingness and potential within you, so go ahead and make it real.





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