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Medical Problems: Can You Claim From Your Employer?

Have you have been suffering from a long-term medical problem? You might be able to claim compensation from your current or previous employer. Some jobs and professions place their workers at a high risk of suffering from certain illnesses and ailments. If you think you may be suffering from one as a result of your profession, you need to contact a lawyer to talk about claiming for compensation. Here are the most common medical problems caused by professional work.


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If you work around loud noises all the time, your hearing could be at risk. Being exposed to too much noise at high levels can lead to deafness and tinnitus. Tinnitus is a condition that causes the sufferer to hear a continuous ringing in their ears. There is no cure. If your job puts you at risk of hearing issues, you should be given ear protection to wear while at work. If you were not given the correct gear, you could be eligible to claim for compensation from your employer. If this sounds like you, speak to Industrial Accident Solicitors For Deafness And Tinnitus.


Asbestos is a material that is extremely resilient to heat. It was regularly used in building and construction work up until a few decades ago. Builders who worked with the material in the past are at risk of developing mesothelioma, which is a cancer of the lungs. This can be fatal. Even though buildings are no longer built with asbestos, it is still found in many that were built before the turn of the 21st Century. Builders working on these structures should be given the correct protection. If you aren’t, and you develop an illness because of exposure to asbestos, you might be able to claim compensation.


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Many of us will have experienced stress at some point or another in our working lives. But, for some of us, this stress can get much worse and result in depression. This is especially the case for workers who are regularly bullied and intimidated by their bosses or other staff. If your boss has been acting like this towards you, then you can take him to an employment tribunal. No one should be bullied in the workplace, especially to the point that it causes depression.


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Your employer should ensure that your workspace is safe. Even if it is somewhere that is very low risk, for example, an office. If you have an accident at work and injure yourself, you could be eligible to claim compensation from the company. However, you need to prove that the accident wasn’t your fault. Ideally, your boss will pay up straight away. But if he or she does not, you can take them to court and sue them for the money. Remember, though; that suing can cost you a lot of money in legal bills. So whenever possible, always try and get an out-of-court settlement.


So if you think you might be eligible to claim money from your employer, speak to a lawyer. They can help you figure out your case.



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