How Rock Climbing Can Help You Destress.

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If you’ve never tried rocking climbing before, now is the time to get on this growing trend. People of all ages and fitness levels are discovering that there is a version of rock climbing that is right for them. Not only is rock climbing great physical exercise, it is the kind of physical exercise that requires your full attention. And that can help reduce stress in your life. Let’s explore how rock climbing – and now boulder climbing – is helping people to manage stress in their lives through physical activity.

You know that feeling you get when you are completely overwhelmed with something in your life and it feels like it might swallow you whole? That’s stress, right? That’s what stress feels like. It feels like you can’t focus on a single other thing until the source of that stress is resolved. But it can be very difficult to reduce stress in our lives; especially since trying to reduce stress can actually cause us more stress if the thing we are doing to reduce stress is not working. Phew. That’s a mouthful.

If your day-to-day routines are not helping you manage your stress, consider stepping outside your comfort zone to a new sport that will require all of your mental power to engage in. Rock climbing and bouldering climbing need your attention. When you are engaged on a platform wall, there is no room for your work stress or life stress. You have to be paying attention to what you are doing, or you will fall. Plain and simple: if you don’t pay attention and give rock climbing 100% of your attention, you will fall.

Companies such as Climb Fit are helping to educate people on the benefits of being prepared for a rock climbing and boulder climbing adventure, and more and more people are understanding that they really need to get outside of themselves to reduce stress. Rock climbing can help you separate the everyday from the here and now. And it happens immediately. There’s no easing into rock climbing. Once you are strapped into your harness, you really have to focus. So if you are looking for a way to escape or deal with your life’s stress, consider giving rock climbing a try. You will be amazed at how this intense sport can help clear your mind, as well as make your body physically stronger. And we all know that when our bodies are physically stronger, we are more adept at dealing with stress from the get go, and we reduce the risk of infections and disease.

So before you consider dropping out of your workout routine because it’s not giving you the results you want from your mental standpoint, try on an activity that will eat up your brain power and force you to think about something other than the bad things going on in your life. A little break from your brain is a good thing, and can really help you find clarity in the things that matter most to you.


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