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9 Reasons to Work Towards a Whiter Smile: Are You Treating Your Teeth Right?

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People’s smiles are often the first thing that strangers notice about them when they meet for the first time, so it makes sense that teeth whitening is one of the most commonly-requested cosmetic dental procedures.  After all, who doesn’t want to make a positive first impression?

That essential first impression isn’t the only reason that so many consumers are investing in whiter smiles, though.  Read on to find out about nine other common motivators.

Remove Stains

The most obvious reason to look into light activated teeth whitening is a desire to get rid of stains.  While regular brushing with a whitening toothpaste may help to alleviate some surface stains, it won’t always remove more serious discoloration caused by coffee, wine, smoking, and certain types of foods.   Teeth whitening will.

Special Occasions

There are all kinds of different reasons people might want to look their best.  Special occasions like weddings, parties, and even class reunions can all act as motivators for teeth whitening.

Boost Confidence

Discolored teeth can be embarrassing, especially for those who are already concerned about their appearances.  Beautiful, white teeth, on the other hand, can offer a fantastic confidence boost. This new-found confidence can go on to improve other areas of consumers’ lives.

Combat Visible Signs of Aging

As people age, the enamel on their teeth begins to wear thin.  This causes yellowing of the teeth, which can be worsened by other factors such as poor oral hygiene, persistent dry mouth, certain lifestyle choices, and genetics.  Whitening can be an effective and affordable way to turn back the clock on at least this one noticeable sign of aging.

Help With Smoking Cessation

Giving up smoking can be an extremely challenging task, which is why it’s best for those looking to quit to add as many tools to their arsenals as possible.  Since smoking cigarettes can cause stains, some consumers choose to have their teeth whitened the day they quit to give themselves extra incentive not to slip up.

Better Oral Hygiene

Those who are taking active steps toward improving their daily oral hygiene routines may also be able to benefit from teeth whitening.  It will offer a similar incentive to keep up with daily brushing and flossing and to attend all scheduled dental visits.

 Upcoming Interviews

It’s surprising how much of a difference having white teeth can make when it comes to improving job prospects.  According to Forbes magazine, almost 30% of millennials have cited tooth discoloration as an undermining factor during job interviews.  One in five of those interviewed by Forbes also said that they had cut down on socializing due to their tooth discoloration.

It’s Non-Invasive

Unlike some dental procedures, teeth whitening is non-invasive.  It can be performed either in a dentist’s office or at home. Either way, it’s a painless way to improve the appearance of those pearly whites.

It’s Affordable

Most cosmetic dental procedures are quite expensive, but there are plenty of affordable options when it comes to teeth whitening.  Although some of the systems used in dentists offices can be expensive, there are at-home whitening solutions that are equally effective and these tend to cost less.

The Bottom Line

The reasons listed above are just a few of the most commonly-cited factors affecting consumers’ decisions to whiten their teeth.  When it comes down to it, any reason is a good reason. After all, the end result is always going to be a more attractive smile.



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