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Stay Forever Young by Kicking These Premature Aging Habits

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We as a species are forever chasing the fountain of youth. We’re forever seeking new ways to make ourselves look and feel younger, healthy and more vitalized. From treating our skin with fancy moisturizers to getting Botox injections there are many ways in which we all do our bit to keep ourselves looking youthful. Unfortunately, the factors that cause us to age prematurely cannot be circumvented by store bought solutions, or even surgery.

It’s our lifestyle that really needs to change if we’re to make sure that we appear youthful not just on the surface but in our general health. After all, a stiff, immobile and inflexible body will often bely a wrinkle free face. However much you spend on cosmetics and treatments, they will only go so far if you continue to neglect what’s going on beneath the surface. These are the premature aging habits that we all need to kick if we’re to stay looking healthy and youthful naturally.

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Besides the old favorites like lung cancer, bronchitis and heart disease (to name but a few), there are numerous ways in which smoking causes us to age prematurely. Smoking regularly is severely damaging to the skin on our faces. Smoke inhalation causes a spasming and thinning of the blood vessels that decreases the circulation of oxygen to the skin. The reduced circulation to the skin also prevents it from being able to absorb the vital nutrients it needs to stay plump and lustrous.

This leads to a drying of the skin of the face and the act of sucking on a cigarette exacerbates the wrinkling around the mouth that’s prominent in heavy smoking. As damaging as smoking can be, quitting cold turkey is rarely effective. Using the vaping products at Ecig Wizard may be effective as a transitional tool as well as being less harmful (and much nicer smelling) than cigarettes. Nicotine patches and gum may also prove extremely helpful.


A glass of red wine with dinner and the occasional beer with buddies is one thing, but excessive drinking not only leads to addiction, lethargy and depression but premature aging too. Excessive alcohol intake leads to a yellowish discoloration of the skin that is emblematic of liver trouble. It also leads to decreased toning of the facial muscles and the unfortunate spider webbing effect caused by broken blood vessels in the face.

Tanning booths

As bright and vibrant as a healthy tan may appear, there’s nothing healthy about using tanning booths. Ultraviolet rays are one of the most common causes of premature skin aging and wrinkles. While the ozone layer protects us from most of the damage done by natural UV light from the sun, the proximity and concentration of the rays present in tanning beds and booths is far more damaging to skin even strolling out of the house without sunblock on a baking hot day.

Poor diet

As we work longer and longer hours it can be all too tempting to rely on processed, high sodium convenience foods, but these are rarely conducive to either youthful vitality or a youthful appearance. On the other hand a diet rich in green leafy veggies, seeds, pulses, tomatoes and even dark chocolate can set you on the path for healthy glowing skin.


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