3 Incredible Dieting Tips

Finding and sticking to a diet can be hard. There are a lot of foods that we love that can tempt you to break your diet. Here are some tips to help you stick to your diet and succeed in the goals you’ve set yourselves.

 Avoid Unhealthy Food 

Avoiding unhealthy food might sound oversimplified and not something that you can do, but what is meant by that is not putting yourself in situations where you might be tempted by unhealthy food. If you take a route to walk that takes your past your favorite fast food restaurant, then consider taking a new route. Or if you have friends who frequently eat unhealthy food on their lunch break, try eating your lunch elsewhere. You can make this simple, small changes that will help you to avoid being reminded of unhealthy food and this will help you to stick to your chosen diet. The same would apply at home, if you had unhealthy food in your cupboards before starting your diet, then throw it all out and only have healthy foods and the food that is allowed for your diet.

 Replace Unhealthy Food

 We all have those moments where we could murder a chocolate bar or a really fatty burger, but we also know that they are not good for us. Instead of giving in to that little voice in your head, try replacing that food with healthier alternatives. Instead of eating a chocolate bar, try eating fruit such as an apple instead. This way, you will begin to associate that feeling of wanting to eat chocolate with an apple instead. Over time this will turn into you just wanting an apple. It takes time and effort, but it will be worth it. Another option is to replace certain foods in your diet with others. This might help you to hit that 800 calorie diet by replacing carb heavy foods with an alternative or swap that fatty burger for a veggie burger. Whatever you decide to do, committing and being consistent will show the best result. Over time you will start to have fewer and fewer cravings for unhealthy food as your body learns to live without them.

 Try Something Different

This one is important. If you are finding it really difficult to stick with the diet you have chosen, then you should try something different. Every diet will not be suited towards every person, and you should pick the one that is going to work best for you. This might be the one that will give the best results or just the one that includes food that you like the best. Whichever you choose, it is your diet and as such should be in your control. If you are unsure, then it can be worth visiting a nutritionist or a dietitian as they can give you the best possible advice. An eating coach is an invaluable tool to learn how to stop emotional eating forever and eating the foods you like while losing weight.  

Don’t be afraid to craft your own diet and swap between the already made ones to find the one that fits you best. As long as it helps you achieve your goals, that is the most important part.




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  • thanks for the information. I’m on a Keto diet and these kinds of articles are the ones I truly appreciate


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