10 Winter Beauty Tips to Live By

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Isn’t it exciting when those first specs of snow start to fall? Unfortunately, our skin doesn’t often feel the same way as us. For skin, Winter can be the worst season of the year. And yet, with all the festivities going on we tend to expect the most from our skin. We want our skin to glow while we’re wearing the perfect dress and sipping on a glass of prosecco. We want the family we haven’t seen for months to think we look well, and the handsome guy at work to stare at us longingly. All of that takes work. So, here are some Winter beauty secrets to get you through.


Dress for the Weather

Your skin is precious, and it must be protected during the harshest of weathers. Invest in some warm cotton gloves and a thick Winter scarf to keep your skin protected from the elements. When your body stays warm, you’re less likely to lose moisture and your skin is less likely to dry out. A warm hat will also protect the condition of your hair. While you’re at home, use rubber gloves while doing the dishes or using cleaning products. They’ll quickly dry out your hands if you don’t.

Use Sunscreen

If you’re taking part in Winter sports, like ice skating or skiing, you be unaware of the damage the sun can do. Although the weather is cold and there’s snow on the floor, the sun can still burn your skin. Make sure to use sunscreen on any exposed skin and use makeup with a high SPF for extra caution. The last thing you want to be doing is spending Christmas with white rings around your eyes where your skiing goggles once were.


Increase Your Circulation

You don’t have to always rely on fake tan to get a bit of color in your skin during the Winter. If you’re looking rather pale, you can add some blush to your cheeks by increasing your circulation. There are lots of ways to do this. The first and most obvious is exercise. Taking part in daily exercise can significantly increase your circulation. The second is with a circulation brush. Take a soft bristled brush and rotate it around your body, starting at the feet and working your way up to your head. Lastly, facial massage techniques are fantastic for stimulating circulation and encouraging the skin the heal.

Think Fluid

Some of the beauty products we use all year round aren’t suitable during the Winter. For example, if you’re used to using a bar of soap in the shower, it’s time for a swap. Using a nourishing cream body wash instead will ensure you keep your moisture, even on the coldest of days. It’s also advisable to swap your regular moisturizer for a face serum. You can find some of the best face serums in your local beauty store. If you’re struggling to find a good facial cleanser, you won’t get better than coconut oil or olive oil. They’re ideal for removing makeup, dirt and grime.


Conditioning Hair Treatment

Our hair gets a battering during the Winter, with the high winds and freezing temperatures. You may find that your hair becomes dry and split ends appear quicker than normal. You can rescue your hair by giving it a deep conditioning treatment. You can buy conditioning treatments for brittle hair at your nearest hair salon. However, you can also make your own treatments at home. Applying a teaspoons worth of coconut throughout your hair and leaving for 15 minutes before washing out will leave it feeling silky and smooth.


When people think of moisturizer they usually assume facial moisturizer, but moisturizing the rest of your body during the Winter is just as important. Areas like the elbows, knees and thighs can get dry quickly when they’re ignored. Thicker moisturizers, like shea butter or jojoba creams, are ideal for locking moisture in, especially when used at night time. Moisturizing your skin while still slightly damp will yield the best results.

Lip Care

Along with cracked and sore lips, the Winter often brings along cold sores. Cold sores often come along with the common cold or the flu due to them appearing when the body is stressed, and the immune system is low. You can treat cold sores with medicated gels which usually clears them completely within 14 days. To keep your lips, supple and soft, use castor oil or vitamin E balms to restore the moisture and balance to the skin.


Get Your Rest

The Winter isn’t just harsh on your skin, it can be one of the toughest seasons to feel well in. It’s important to get plenty of sleep and rest to ensure your immune system stays as strong as possible. Getting a good eight hours rest every night also ensures you aren’t walking around with dark circles under your eyes every day and you don’t put on any unnecessary weight. If you have trouble sleeping, try turning off your devices, reading a book and drinking a milky beverage before going to bed. You can also find a helpful resource online which provide information and research about sleep conditions and how to experience it better. Here’s one good example: Counting Sheep.”


Don’t Drink Too Much

Winter is a time of celebration for many, which often means get together with family, friends and colleagues. It’s okay to indulge in the odd drink, but drinking too much is no good for your body during the Winter. Firstly, alcohol will rob your skin of moisture and it’s often difficult to put it back in. Secondly, people often believe they’re warmer than they actually are when they’ve had too much to drink. This could result in you catching a cold, or worse.


Healthy Eating

Christmas is usually an excuse to eat and be merry, but remember that your body needs a good variety of nutrients to stay on top form. You could even give your body a helping hand by adding supplements to your diet that help you during the Winter, like Omega 3,6 and 9, Vitamin D and Potassium.


Your health and beauty are one in the same thing, so take care of yourself this Winter.



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7 thoughts on “10 Winter Beauty Tips to Live By

  • Sunscreen is the thing we always forget in the winter. Seems like a summer thing, but you have to protect your skin every day!

  • Winter does so much damage to my skin in NH here, it gets so cold and brutal. I will have to use some of your winter beauty tips 🙂

  • Great tips! Sunscreen especially is important and many people don’t think about using it during the winter months!

  • You’d think you wouldn’t need sunscreen since it’s not as warm. But one skiing trip was all I needed to prove how wrong I was there.

  • All great ideas for the winter. Thanks for sharing 🙂


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