Starting Fitness Blog on Social Media – What to Consider?

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People today are constantly looking for new ways to exercise and be more fit. In such scenarios, a fitness blog can be a big help in guiding them. A fitness blog will enrich one’s knowledge about fitness diet, various workout regimes, celebrities and their exercise routine and so much more. For example, people want to know about Violet Summers’ fitness workouts. You can find Violet Summers bio here.

 If you too are passionate about fitness and want to start a fitness blog on Social Media, here are some great tips that you should consider to make your blog a success. Also, you can check out this link, for some great Instagram strategies.  

Think about your fitness niche

Being fit or exercising is no longer about stretching your muscles or pulling some weights. There are options available today that will help you exercise just a particular muscle or aim for overall better fitness and stamina. Exercise options today include yoga, Zumba, weight training, running, Pilates, and swimming among many others. Talking about fitness goals, they can be weight loss, maintaining weight, gaining weight, fitness for various health conditions, and so on.  

In the presence of so many fitness paths and goals, it is suggested to stick to one or two aspects so that your blog sounds like an expert blog rather than one that covers everything and is unable to gather attention. 

This is why it makes sense to find your niche and dominate that space by becoming an expert in it. For example, if you have an aptitude for guiding people on weight loss programs, then make it your niche and ensure that all your fitness blogs have a reference to weight loss either directly or indirectly. You can also start a blog that offers guidance on buying the right fitness equipment. 

Use social media to promote your blog

Social media channels are usually the first-place people turn to when they are looking for the latest fitness tips. So do promote your blog on various social media channels. Integrate social media in your blog to enhance readers’ engagement. Make sure readers can share and comment easily. Ensure you post your blogs on all the popular social media sites. Social media is a powerful platform and if you learn to utilize it well for your fitness blog, it will surely help you go places. Another key aspect is to optimize your blog and individual articles as well.

Content value and presentation

Both aspects are equally important. Make sure the content of your fitness blog is intriguing and useful too. To be seen as a credible source of information, relating to your blog you need to show your domain expertise through endorsements and interviews of celebrities who are fit or have lost weight recently, etc.

 Next, comes the visual appeal. The look and feel of your blog will attract the user but the actual content will keep them engaged. So, use images, colors, text fonts, background, captions and other such elements wisely and creatively to garner the attention of your target audience. Don’t forget cross-posting, share buttons, hashtags and other such things to widen the reach of your blog articles. Devise a blogging strategy and plan well in advance.

Maintain your blog regularly for success

Just creating a fitness blog and promoting it online will not ensure visitors or have more people reading it. You also need to be consistent with your postings and ensure that all the information is credible and comes from verified sources. Following a regular posting schedule is a great way to build both your credibility and audience over a period of time, to make your fitness blog a success. Last but not least, explore how to monetize your blog.





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