Facial Beds And Its Significance in the Beauty Industry

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If you’re launching a new beauty parlor or face spa, the first step is to choose comfy and high-quality salon furniture. The most well-known piece of salon equipment is the facial beds. Facial massage is perhaps the most significant service that any beauty shop offers. If you want to push your beauty salon towards the next level, you must invest in contemporary and elegant face beds to accomplish this objective effectively. To obtain high-quality face bedding, some research is required. You may either contact a reputable face bed provider or directly contact a manufacturer of facial beds. 

Customers can benefit from facial beds in terms of relaxation and comfort. As clients require support when having facial treatments, a comfy and soft bed for facial massaging is essential in providing this sensation to their consumers. A high-quality face massage bed is equipped with a plethora of functions.

Five Essential Tips When Selecting Facial Beds

Selecting the ideal facial beds for your wellness establishment is not a simple task. There are just so many alternatives and so many variables to consider before choosing a choice. What use will the bed serve? Who will use it? Is it compatible with my aesthetic? To assist you in making your selection from the vast array available, below are some tips that you can use.

Tip #1 – The functionality of the facial beds

Perhaps the most important thing to ask yourself while selecting a Spa bed involves the purpose for which it should be utilized. Enumerate all of the various treatments which will be performed on the facial bed, and then select a chair that should accommodate all or the majority of those treatments on the facial bed. The wonderful thing about choosing the right facial bed is that they can be flexible, allowing them to be used for a number of purposes. Considering the treatments you provide, you may require more than one type of Spa bed; nevertheless, you will be amazed at how long your facial beds can last.

Tip #2 – The size of the facial beds for your spa

The amount of room available will dictate the size. The Spa bed should fit into the treatment area with sufficient space around it for the therapist to navigate. Because it is essential that you take into account the space that is available for the facial beds, here are some things that you should consider in choosing the right size of your facial beds:

  • The right height of the facial beds

The appropriate height of the facial beds shall be based on the personal taste of the practitioner as well as the preferred ergonomics and the therapy you will provide. Most of these facial beds are adjustable in height, meaning you will have at most 10 inched in terms of the range of motion. 

  • The appropriate length of the facial beds

The length of the facial bed will vary according to the sort of customer you often have. To maximize the number of customers you can accommodate, you’ll generally want to pick the longest facial bed that fits in your area. Spa beds range in height from 5’9 to 6’3, with 5’9 being the most frequent. If you’re concerned about the length, choose a Spa bed with a headrest, since the majority of them seem to have some movement and can provide a 7 to 11-inch buffer.

  • The appropriate width of the facial beds

A Spa bed’s usual width is 27 to 30 inches. Of course, logic would dictate that a larger bed will be much more comfortable for the customer. Just like with the height, but less so with the length, the breadth will most likely be determined by the practitioner’s size. A spa bed that is excessively broad might create pain and back problems for the practitioner owing to overexertion.

Tip #3 – Determine the level of comfort that you want to provide to your clients

The Spa bed’s level of comfort has mostly been determined by the thickness and substance of the mattress. The majority of facial beds are constructed of foam. The quality of the cushion is not so much determined by its thickness as it is by its density. Denser foam is more pleasant and durable to use. The density of the foam may be determined by pressing your palm into the mattress and observing how long it would take for the foam to revert to its previous shape. 

In terms of thickness, two inches of high-density foam is enough. However, foam is not the only material utilized in the manufacture of these facial beds.

When choosing facial beds, you can choose the following mattresses:

  • 3.5-inch high-density foam mattress which is perfect for energetic massages.
  • 4.7-inch high-density foam mattress which is perfect for providing extra comfort.
  • The foam perfect for your VIP clients is the 6-inch super soft memory foam.
  • Water mattresses are comprised of 10 separated cushions.

Tip #4 – Take into account the design that you want for your facial beds

You cannot ignore the significance of design whenever it concerns selecting the ideal facial beds. From traditional neutral tones to contemporary electrifying hues, having a distinct and consistent style can help you rise above the competition. It will not only help your consumers recognize your brand; it will also enhance the appearance and feel of your area, making it more luxurious and unique. You should get facial beds that will allow you to genuinely influence the final product’s appearance. Any aspect of the product, from the color to the materials to the finishes, may be customized to make it uniquely yours and your brand.

Tip #5 – Make sure that you only purchase facial beds with great quality

The caliber of the facial bed that you select will dictate how long and how well it will endure. Superior materials result in less maintenance and a longer lifespan for your facial beds. Indeed, a facial bed should be trouble-free for the first five years of use. Thus, see to it that the product you choose uses only the highest-quality materials in the manufacture of facial beds, and to demonstrate this, they should offer a warranty as well as after-sales assistance to see to it that you will have no problem in repairing or replacing parts for your facial beds.



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