Simple Habits That Put Your Business Data at Risk

No matter what your business is, it is crucial that you find ways to secure your data better. This does not only pertain to the information you gather from your clients, but every piece of information you get your hands on. Such data can include the information collected from your market research, the feedback you gather from your employees, up to the confidential data that you have, which makes your business a successful one.

Each year, businesses lose about $400 billion due to cyberattacks. Do you think that hackers don’t have anything to do with you since you own only a small business? Then think again. If you don’t take extra measures in protecting your business data, then you can be the very next victim. Do you want to mitigate risks associated with a data breach? Then make sure not to make the following mistakes:

Skipping a network security testing

These days, most businesses rely on cloud storage when managing and storing data. This is an excellent way to improve business efficiency and staff productivity and reduce business costs. But it can also put your company at risk for cybersecurity threats. You can improve data security by improving your network security. One needs to undergo a network security testing first. This way, you can identify security triggers and address security issues at hand.

Not having an offline backup system

You’ll never know when ransomware can infiltrate your computers. If this happens, hackers will block any of your attempts to access your data. For you to have your access back, hackers will ask you to pay a ransom. You can be tempted to pay them back, but that doesn’t guarantee that you’ll get your data back. By having an updated offline backup system, you can secure copies of your precious data whenever you need them.

Poor IT etiquette

Your employees can be your most significant asset. The bad news is that they can also be the biggest threat to your company. Your staff can have access to pertinent data. However, even their simplest habits can put your business at risk. Some use company computers for browsing a malicious website or downloading unauthorized applications.

Some store business data on unauthorized cloud storage. Other even use their personal devices for work. Make sure to train your employees with proper IT etiquette. Make them care about cybersecurity. Also, it pays to control user access so that you can easily track who can be responsible in case of a data leak.

Weak password use

Unique passwords are a must-have for every business. Use complex passwords so that it will be hard for others to access your company computers and tools. For company emails, require the staff to change their complex passwords often. It would also be a good idea to use a password management tool. This way, only the admin knows the passwords, and you can limit access to data. A two-factor authentication method is also another way to minimize data breach.

Implementing data security procedures are the best way to minimize, if not eradicate, the risk for data breach. Your business data is a vital part of your business. It only pays that you take extra measure to take care of it. Lower the chances of anyone getting hold of your precious data by keeping this list in mind.


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