Ideas for a Baby Girl’s First Birthday

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If your friends have a small baby, you’ll be amazed at how the time flies and how quickly they seem to grow up. It feels like the baby shower was a few weeks ago, and then suddenly, you have an invite sitting in your inbox to the first birthday party. Knowing what to get for a little girl’s first birthday can be tricky. A first birthday is a huge milestone for both the parents and the child, so you want to be sure to get something extra special, which will be well-used and remembered for years to come. Here are some fun, unique ideas for special first birthday gifts that will make the birthday girl and her parents smile.

1. Fun toys for the brain

Buying a gift that will be fun for the birthday girl, but will also help her learning skills, is a win-win. Your friend’s child will already be developing physically and mentally at an almost alarming rate. If you haven’t seen their child recently, you’ll be amazed at how clever and big they seem now. She may already be starting to walk and will probably be throwing, dropping, and shaking everything they can get their hands on. This isn’t their way of annoying everyone around them. They’re actually trying to understand their toys, learn about them, and discover what they can do. Buying them a good toy to encourage further brain development will help them continue to learn and will give them hours of fun. Blocks and balls are a good place to start. The birthday will be transfixed by how the balls roll or how the blocks can stack on top of each other. These toys will help them develop hand-eye coordination and creativity.

2. A cute outfit

Giving a cute outfit as a gift will be fun for toddler and parents alike. The little girl’s mom probably already loves the opportunity to dress up her daughter, so getting more clothes will be a welcome surprise. The birthday girl may also start to notice what she’s got on at this age, so this is a present that everyone will love. The baby girl onesies on Bitzy Bug are all super cute and comfortable. At Bitsy Bug, you’ll find onesies with pretty designs or funny and clever phrases. This means you can go for something cute and funny, something quite stylish, or anything in between. Plus, these onesies are practical and easy to take off and put on, so they will be welcomed by the parents.

3. Accessories

As the birthday girl continues to grow, she’s likely to become more and more interested in accessories. For hair clips to jewelry, there are plenty of baby-friendly accessories you can buy as a gift. While accessories can seem slightly frivolous, they can serve many purposes. Hair accessories will become very useful as the little girl’s hair continues to grow and starts getting in her face. You could also choose a sentimental, personalized bracelet that the toddler can wear for years to come. However, do be careful to choose gifts that are safe for young toddlers and aren’t sharp or hazardous.

4. Giant plush toy

Another fun idea is to get them a giant soft toy. The little girl will be thrilled to receive a toy as big as she is. Plus, she’ll be really cute with her new big friend. Giant toys are a special gift that will be treasured by everyone in the family.

5. A first birthday time capsule

While the baby probably won’t appreciate this gift now, they certainly will when they’re older. Preserving items from this first birthday will be a special surprise for them when they’re grown up. It’s unlikely the young toddler will retain any memories from this age, so the small box of mementos will be treasured. You can give the empty box to the parents and child to make together, or you can throw in some items that you think will be of interest – may be the front page of today’s newspaper, or a technological item that will be a retro antique by the time they find it. To personalize the gift, include a picture of you with the baby and her parents taken recently.

6. A growth chart

One of the most amazing things about having or knowing a baby is the speed at which they grow. When the baby gets a bit older and understands that she’s growing, she will love keeping track of how tall she gets each month and year. Now’s a perfect time to start keeping track. She’s probably just learning how to stand, so marking down her first birthday height will be fun and might be the start of a yearly tradition. You can personalize this gift by making it yourself, or having it printed with her name and places to add pictures of her as she continues to grow.

7. A personalized step stool

As the little girl keeps growing and exploring, she’ll begin wanting to reach her toys and books that are kept on those shelves that are just out of her reach. If she has a small, toddler-sized step stool, she’ll be able to get them herself. She will love the feeling of independence she gets from fetching things by herself. Her parents will be very grateful not to be summoned every few minutes to pass things down to her. There are a few companies that allow you to add a personalized name to the stool. Or, if you’re feeling artistic, have a go at painting her name!

8. A birthday photo album

This is another gift that will become more and more special as time goes on. Buy her a birthday photo album that will contain photos from each birthday. In years to come, she will love looking back through the years. It will be a lovely, sentimental way to remember all of her past birthdays, starting with this one, her first!





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