Pillow Pals, turn your favorite drawing into a adorable Custom Pillow.

If your children love to draw, then Pillow Pals will be a company you may want to check out! I was contacted by Pillow Pals to give their company a try and I’m glad I did!



First, let me inform you about this great company and what all they do: Hello artists everywhere, 

Welcome to where we are waiting to transform your best drawing or painting into something tangible, huggable, and very, very lovable.

Your favorite drawing can now become your favorite fluffy friend. Every PillowPal is a one of a kind, made of soft and cuddly materials. Snuggle up together at night, head to head on your pillow for a good night’s sleep. During the day, your PillowPal can take pride of place on your bed. Your PillowPal will be a touching reminder of your imagination to keep and treasure for years to come. PillowPals are made with love and made to be loved – create yours today!

When we receive your artwork, our very talented designer will get to work recreating your design including all its unique characteristics. Fabrics are carefully chosen to best match the PillowPal you have created in your imagination, which is then expertly stitched and stuffed. All materials are hypoallergenic and handled with care at each stage of the process to ensure that your PillowPal can share your pillow in complete safety.


Now lets get down to my nephew’s drawing. Mike has been drawing since he was a little boy and when I say he can draw this boy can draw and every detail of his work is created with such love. So the moment he came over I informed him that I wanted to share one of his sketches with Pillow Pal. We both wanted to see for our own self as to how  this company will transform his artwork into a pillow.  He later  sent over one of his drawings which is from a game named Crash Bandicoot. The first thing came to mind when I sent it off was, will it be just like his drawing, will they match up the right colors, will they really make it plush, will all the details coordinate?  Now keep in mind it takes time for their creators to transform your children’s drawings(actually 3-5 weeks) to do so.

pillow pet2Well, the Pillow Pal arrived and here’s my thoughts!


The colors are remarkable and the clothing matched up just like Mikes. As for the design, I have to be honest, there are a few things I noticed that were just a little off. For example: on top of the head of the fox the hair look like antlers, its just a little to thick and the right arm was a little bigger than the left. Otherwise, I think the plush animal is fine. His detailed eyes are great and his jeans, shoes, and body was replicated just like Mike’s photo. Now, I think they did a good job and I have seen some pretty cool Pillow Pals customized plush pillows on their site that are so cute, its just a few details needed a little more attention on this one. I think that when Mickey sees this, he’ll like it!! Knowing that he has a piece of his artwork transformed into a cute, plush pillow is something he will forever treasure.


Now it’s easy to get your drawing created by Pillow Pal! Just visit their website, upload your drawing,name it or add a cute message and sit back, and wait for it to arrive. It’ just that easy!!

I think overall PillowPal is a great company, and many kids would love to have their drawings come to life. They will be great gifts for your children during any occasion. The best thing is that they’ll forever treasure their Pillow Pal and can travel with it anywhere!


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