Saatva Mattress Brief Review – Isn`t it a good mattress for side sleepers?

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The ability to choose a mattress is a real art because it is important not only to save money but also to get quality products. If you want to buy a good mattress and do not pay money to intermediaries, buy it directly from the manufacturer.

Acquiring mattresses from the manufacturer is one of the best ways to pay less and to get a really reliable thing. Choosing this method of purchase, you get:

  1. a quality product that is accompanied by all relevant quality certificates;
  2. a genuine mattress with the health-safe components of the filler;
  3. excellent products at a cost as close to cost as possible.

Today, anyone can choose a comfortable mattress for himself. The domestic market is replete with the assortment. For the choice of a mattress, dozens of manufacturers offer their best models, so that you forever forget about insomnia. You do not have to worry about quality because modern technologies and the latest equipment allow producing the best samples.

Many of manufacturers are engaged in the production of mattresses in all word today. And one of the most popular and famous is The Saatva.

History of  the Saatva company

Saatva is a company that specializes in developing and selling quality mattresses. Their office is located in New York. The company’s income in 2014 was 28.6 million dollars. The brand is constantly growing and opened two additional lines Loom and Leaf and  Zenhaven in 2016 by Saatva.  A wide range of mattresses is based on the use of environmentally friendly materials. This is the main reason for the consumer’s great love for the company’s products.

In 2016, this company was the best choice of all sorts of memory mattresses, with the highest rating in the US in terms of the number of positive customer reviews. Compared with the mega popular companies in the US producing mattresses, many observers concluded that the mattress from Saatva is still the best choice, much cheaper, but incredibly high-quality.

Kind of Saatva mattress

The Saatva use own technologies for creating filler of their mattresses. There are foam and gel. These materials are patented and used just this company.

The first material is special foam, which the brand use, that have ability change a temperature under the pressure of the human body. As a result, the material softens and accurately repeats the shape of the body. But this does not mean that the foam will not restore its original state. When you change the position of a person during sleep, it will also change shape. This effect allows a person to relax as much as possible, the load on the skeleton is distributed evenly.

Mattresses with memory relieve fatigue in a sleeping person, as they improve the flow of blood.

Thanks to all the above advantages, this file called smart foam.

The second material is a gel. It is softer and has an orthopedic effect. This gel regulates temperature very well and holds your body in the right shape.

Characteristics of the mattress from Saatva:

  1. Materials used to make mattresses are safe for people with sensitive skin and prone to allergies.
  2. The comfort and relaxation that this product will give will not be compared with the sensations even if you are going to sleep on the most expensive spring mattress.
  3. Thanks to a special filler in the mattresses, there is not harmful microorganisms or small insects
  4. In all season, such a mattress will be especially useful, since it has a warming effect and keeps the temperature for a certain time.
  5. Using a mattress of this type normalizes the circulatory process.
  6. This is an ideal prevention of curvature of the spine.
  7.  The average warranty period for such mattresses is 10 years.

For whom Saatva mattress is the best

Some experts recommend choosing this type of mattress for people who have diseases in the back area. If there are no contraindications, then you can safely update the sleeping place.

Such products are suitable for people who are overweight. “Smart” models can withstand a load of 200 kilograms, while their properties remain unchanged. Thanks to improved blood flow, the use of such mattresses will help to lose weight and improve well-being.

It is great for those who suffer from permanent migraines and wake up every morning with pain in the waist and joints, it is best, on the recommendation of orthopedists, gel mattresses will suit.

These mattresses are filled with a special gel, which has the ability to change its shape under the body weight of a person.

In this position on such mattresses, all the blood and lymphatic vessels that braided the spine will relax – thereby improving the supply of the brain.

Suitable for people who have problems with joints and spine.

The Saatva is one of the largest manufacturers of the best mattresses, which reached a high-level thanks to innovative technologies, quality, and excellent customer service.


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