Back Pain No More: Easy Sleeping in Your 50’s.

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The topic of sleep is one facet of life you never thought would be troublesome. Yet, here you are, tossing and turning all night. You’re not getting the proper rest you need which throws off the rest of your day.

There are several health risks associated sleep deprivation. These include:

·  Chronic health problems (heart & kidney disease, stroke, high blood pressure)

·  Sluggish cognitive abilities (learning, reacting, thinking)

·  Irritation (hormone imbalance, risk-taking behavior, depression)

These are just a sample of the problems, but I don’t have to tell you why sleep is important. All you need to know is how to get better rest. You’re sick and tired of waking up groggy and with back pain. Here are a few things you can try to remedy that:

Products for a Better Night’s Sleep

Sometimes is what we’re sleeping on that makes all the difference.

·  Chairs – The bed isn’t for everyone,  which is why products like The Perfect Sleep Chair are great for those that prefer to drift off in the living room or struggle with tossing and turning.

·  Memory foam pillows – Firm pillows provide the neck and back the support it needs for proper night’s sleep. It aligns the spine so you’re not feeling achy in the morning and throughout the rest of the day.

·  Sleep trackers – These high-tech gadgets will record your sleep patterns and provide data to improve your night. It allows you to track patterns that may not be conducive to getting a restful night of sleep.

·  (De)Humidifier – COPD and other breathing problems can be problematic when it comes to getting a good night’s rest. Purchasing a humidifier can rectify that.

·  Back support pillows – Specialty pillows that help with lumbar support are great for all sleepers–no matter your preferred sleep position.

It makes sense to invest in a few products considering you’ll spend a third of your life sleeping.

Routines for a Better Night’s Sleep

Other times it’s how we settle in for the night that matters:

·  Exercise – Try to do at least 10-15 minutes of intensive exercise during the day to burn off excess energy.  This will help wind your body down and ensure your body is ready to rest. Plus it will help strengthen back muscles, resulting in less pain.

·  Snacking – Those late-night snacks increase your metabolism and could increase blood pressure or upset your stomach. Try to avoid eating after the sun has set.

·  SchedulingTrain your body to relax at the same time every night by creating a bedtime routine.

·  Distractions – Learn to “turn off” when it comes to distractions. Avoid obsessively checking your emails or browsing the Web on your phone in bed to relax your mind and drift off to la-la land.

·  Temperature – Bump the thermostat down just before going to bed so you’re feeling cozy. Schedule it a few degrees warmer when your alarm goes off so you’re to get the day started.

·  Napping – Avoid napping if at all possible since this will throw off your sleep routine. If you must nap, stick to short 20-30-minute cat naps.

A change in the routine (especially exercise, stretching, and food intake) will help relieve your sore back before you’re tucked in. It will allow the body to recuperate during sleep.

How you sleep will dictate your physical health (like curbing back pain) and mental/emotional well-being. It’s more important than you think. Don’t assume your lack of sleep is the result of you getting older. There are real issues going on that needs to be addressed. Hopefully, this article will give you a few ideas to try next time you find yourself tossing and turning. 


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