How to Choose the Best Junk Removal Company

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Unlike mainstream companies, junk removal companies can be tough to decide on which one is the right one. It’s not like Amazon, which is a household name that everyone has a widespread opinion over.

Nonetheless, this shouldn’t be your biggest problem. We have compiled this list of tips you can use to choose the best junk removal expert. Besides, some junk removal companies in every locality have plain shoddy operations that can turn your experience into a nightmare. When researching junk removal options, it’s important to know what to look for to ensure you’re getting the best service possible


Check the Pricing of the Junk Removal Company

We all work under a certain budget. Value for money is an important factor that cuts across all industries, including this one. You shouldn’t be overcharged for any junk removal service, as there are standard rates.

You’ll have quite the advantage if you can tell how much junk you have. A common unit of measurement is cubic yardage. Once you know this, you can share the information with different junk removal companies to compare estimates.

Consider a company that doesn’t offer an estimate as a red flag. This is especially true if they don’t do this accurately using the cubic yardage measurement. The fact is that the exact prices come later on in person when they come to offer their services. However, a fair quote based on the volume of your trash is in order.

Another red flag to note is a company that charges based on uncontrollable variables, such as manpower and time. Mostly, this is a scheme to overcharge and dupe you.

Some companies offer their services as a package. For instance, if you are getting the trash out of your house, they could offer you the labor to do that. Nonetheless, check on the pricing to ensure that it doesn’t go over what you intend to spend.

Jobs and Competence

What kind of services and jobs has the junk removal company done in the past? Also, what’s the level of competence that the staff exhibits? The last thing you would want is to get shoddy services due to incompetence.

Never assume that any company can do the job, just because they say they can. One way to know if the company has legit services is to check their licenses and certifications. In case any or both of these two are missing, that’s a red flag, which you need to avoid.

Customer Service

The customer service of any company can tell you a lot about them. When you’re first contacting the junk removal service, monitor how they respond to clients. Use your gut feeling here, as it probably won’t lie to you if there are any discrepancies. Other ways to check if their customer service is reliable include:

  • Check if their website is up-to-date and has informative content.
  • Check how many options they have to get in touch with customer service.
  • How they work around your terms and availability.

All of these will either show a company that cares for customers, or one that doesn’t give a hoot. The first impression you get is what to expect from them when offering the junk removal service.

Look for a Junk Removal Company That Values Your Time and Schedule

During consultations, a professional junk removal company will give you the exact time they’ll come to your home. If they don’t tell you this, then chances are that they waste your time.

Even if you have free time over the weekend, it still wouldn’t be great if you wasted it waiting on them. Besides, you probably have other things to do. The company should also work based on your schedule, and not theirs. For instance, when you need the same day junk removal service, then it should be possible. Or if you tell them to come on a specific date, they should easily align themselves with it.


It’s one thing to remove a few pieces of furniture and clutter from a house – and another to handle complex jobs like pool demolition. While you may have a simple junk removal job for the company, it is equally important to check on the company’s scope.

With a wider range of services offered, it’s safer to place a bet on such a company. You’ll be at peace knowing that even if something goes south, they’ll still be able to handle it.


What type of equipment does the junk removal company have at their disposal? This is the lifeblood of any junk removal company. How many trucks does the company have, and what size are they? This helps to show how well they can handle your job. Also, you’d know the number of trips they need to make per junk removal. Their level of preparedness will help you know if they’re credible.

Recycling Policy

Your junk doesn’t evaporate once taken by the junk removal company. They have to find a way to dispose of it. How they do this matters to you, as it concerns the environment. Wouldn’t it be great if they disposed of junk in safe ways? Check their website for disposal methods to know how they deal with your trash.

Insurance Protection

Hiring an uninsured junk removal company is a recipe for disaster. Anything can happen while they’re offering the services – always have this at the back of your mind.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, these tips can help you in choosing the right junk removal company. Ensure that you take time and do your research well before committing.



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