10 Tips for Hosting Your Spring Wedding

Spring is a romantic time of year, so it’s perfect for weddings. It can also pose some unique challenges and opportunities for brides. Check out these tips for hosting your spring wedding, no matter how much time you have to plan everything.


1. Remember Spring Allergens

Blooming spring flowers have a romantic appeal during outdoor ceremonies and receptions. They can also become covered in pollen, making your guests deal with itchy eyes and runny noses. Don’t forget to provide over-the-counter allergy medicine to your bridal party before the ceremony or keep it stocked for guests who need it after arriving at your venue.

2. Count On Disruptive Weather

Cool winter air collides with warm gulf winds in the spring, leading to more rain showers than usual in many parts of the country. You can almost count on a thunderstorm rolling over your wedding during the late afternoon, so create a backup plan to move your ceremony or reception inside just in case.

A venue with indoor and outdoor space is a good investment if you’re nervous about rain. You could also rent a tent and keep it in storage until gray clouds start forming over your venue. If you have a wedding planner or venue coordinator, they can help your figure out specific steps for your destination.

3. Leave Desserts Inside

Your photographer will take photos of your cake and other desserts while you get ready, but it isn’t always a good idea to set them up outdoors. The warm air will melt the icing and cause desserts to slide apart. Leave them in your venue’s fridge until it’s time to eat.

4. Provide a Fun Air-Conditioned Venue

 Avoid any unexpected heat by saying your vows outside and hosting the rest of your reception in an all-inclusive indoor venue that doubles as guest entertainment. Places like casinos often include typically costly wedding features to save brides money, like:

  • A champagne toast
  • Dinnerware
  • A wedding coordinator

Your guests can wander around and have fun in between reception songs. You’ll get more peace of mind and additional wedding features for your deposit, depending on which venue you choose.

5. Pick In-Season Blooms

Floral shops often charge brides more than they expected for things like bouquets and other flower arrangements. You can save money by picking blooms that are in season. It’s one of the best tips for hosting your spring wedding because many flowers bloom just before summer.

6. Provide Water Bottles

Even though the weather won’t be too hot until summer, your guests will still need to stay hydrated. Provide water bottles throughout your venue so they can grab water whenever they need it. You could decorate metal ice buckets or plug themed minifridges into your reception area to keep them cold throughout the day.

7. Feature Seasonal Treats

You can also use the season as inspiration for other features of your wedding. Think about spring berries and flavors to create seasonal reception cocktails or design a drink just for you and your new spouse. The refreshing, crisp flavors will feel just as lovely as the sunset breeze during your reception toasts.

Spring can also influence which desserts your guests enjoy and if you pick finger food appetizers over warm finger foods. Explore all of your culinary options to get the most from your seasonal wedding.

8. Pick Spring Colors

When you think of spring, which colors do you see? You might picture pastel flower petals, soft green meadows and the light blue sky. Picking the wrong colors will make your wedding feel out of place. Deep winter reds and purples don’t appear anywhere in spring outside of the occasional red rose.

Use the season to pick colors for your bridesmaids’ dresses, decor and more. If you have two or three primary colors, you can design the ultimate visual theme for your big day.

9. Take Photos Outside

You might want to host your ceremony and reception indoors, but you don’t have to stay inside the entire day. Talk with your photographer about taking everyone outside for pictures between parts of your wedding. You could take a quick drive to a local garden after saying your vows or pose with family members in front of a hillside covered in spring flowers. You’ll sneak the time of year into your photos without spending the whole day outside.

10. Find Thin Suit Materials

Anyone wearing a suit to your wedding will quickly begin to sweat in the spring heat. You won’t want sweat-stained suits in your photos and videos, so pick suit jackets made with thin materials. Any fabric that helps air circulate easily, like linen, will keep everyone comfortable even if your entire wedding happens outdoors.

Tips for Hosting Your Spring Wedding

Now that you’ve read the most helpful tips for hosting your spring wedding, start daydreaming about your big day. You’ll plan the most romantic ceremony and reception by considering seasonal tips that keep all the most essential factors in mind.


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