Recovering Damages: Choose a Medical Malpractice Attorney Based on the Following 5 Traits

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The sad reality is that errors in the medical field are now the third leading cause of death in America, behind heart disease (number one) and cancer (number two) and just before respiratory diseases (number four). While this is often not intentional nor due to poor practice, seeking an attorney for injuries or deaths is one plausible response.

Here are the traits you should look for in a medical malpractice attorney:

Proper medical knowledge

When looking for any lawyer to help with a medical error case – medical malpractice-specialized or not – having the proper medical knowledge at hand is crucial. However, just because an attorney is specialized in the medical field does not mean they will be a fit for you.

That said, interviewing a potential attorney on their expertise in the medical field, especially geared towards your case, will be important. Having the right knowledge can better prepare your attorney for tackling your case as best as they can.


Usually, people want an attorney who is firm, confident, and intelligent, but when dealing with a medical-related case, it would also make sense to find a malpractice attorney that will be empathetic to your situation. When one is empathetic, they will be more compelled to help, and as a lawyer, be willing to be more thorough in their work.

Finding a lawyer who is not empathetic will not fulfil your needs compared to one who is. Empathy will allow an attorney to be curious in learning as much as possible about you and your case and be more understanding to any sensitive emotions you may have – especially if the case is fresh.

Success with previous cases

It is not enough to have medical knowledge and empathy to be a good malpractice attorney. More importantly is ensuring a potential attorney has been successful with other medical malpractice cases in the past. If they have, this will be another confirming factor whether or not they have the right medical knowledge and general skills at hand.

Simply ask an attorney if they have dealt with any cases similar to yours and what their win-loss rate was, as well as verdict amounts. If they refuse to give you the 411, take that as a bad sign they have little to no success in medical cases similar to yours.


While it is important, as mentioned, to have an attorney who is empathic, assertiveness is also important. Lawyers who are assertive and know how to stand their ground can best get their points across and deliver information more smoothly.

Usually when one is assertive, this also means they are confident. These two traits play hand in hand and are both vital in helping resolve – and hopefully win – a messy medical case. One way to know if a lawyer is assertive, besides knowing their success rates, is reading online reviews or asking a lawyer what their philosophy or style is.

Heavy experience in their field

While not an immediate determiner in whether or not a medical malpractice attorney has what it takes to take on your specific case, knowing how long they’ve had experience in their field is also vital. As a general guideline, the more several the case, the more experience you would probably want your lawyer to have, right?

Attorneys like export medical malpractice attorney Allen Tittle should have several years within their legal profession as well as have all of the above traits to prove it: proper medical knowledge, empathy to clients, success with winning cases, and assertiveness.


Whether or not a medical-related injury or death was an accident, seeking legal help can ensure the sufferer and/or the sufferer’s family can receive closure and potentially financial support. But to make the process run smoothly and efficiently, choosing the best medical malpractice attorney with the above traits can ensure better success.


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