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Mindfulness Exercises You Need To Try

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Mindful eating practices. 

What this involves is being aware of the textures, appearance of, and the taste of all of the food that you eat. For example, when you are drinking coffee in the morning, or even green tea, you will want to notice how it feels on your tongue, the taste, and even notice the steam that it is getting off.

Mindful moving, running, and walking are also important.

You need to notice your body as you are doing these things. You may discover that there is a breeze blowing against your skin, and you may also notice your hands and feet, different textures around, surfaces, and the things that you are able to smell.

Do a body scan. 

When you do this, you can slowly notice each part of your body, starting from the top, moving all the way down, reaching your toes by the end of the scan. You could focus on tension, warmth, relaxation, or even tingling in each different park.

Mindful drawing and coloring. 

You should focus on colors that you see, or even the sensation that you feel when you are drawing something, rather than just focusing on what you want to draw. Mindfulness coloring is a great way to focus on imagery above everything else.

Mindful meditation. 

When you do this, you are focused on your breath, all while sitting quietly, and you will think about your thoughts and sensations that you can notice all around you. You will want to keep your focus on the present moment, especially if you begin to notice that your mind is wandering. Anyone can learn mindfulness. There are many people that can benefit from things like yoga, especially when it comes to focus and breathing and being in the present moment. You can see many other examples on our page of complementary and alternative therapies that can help you if you want to do yoga or meditation.


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