Questions about Ibogaine Treatment Safety

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Ibogaine treatment centers are becoming more common and beginning to be mentioned in serious discussions about addiction treatment. What started out as an alternative and desperate treatment is becoming more common. Treatment with ibogaine was put on hold in the United States when the progressive research was halted in 1967. Ibogaine was completely banned at this point and added to the list of illegal substances, with possession punishable by law. Safety issues about ibogaine have been cited as the reason for the ban. There are many testimonials that point to the positive results of ibogaine treatment facilities. There are, however, also incidences where fatalities have occurred. With research banned in many places, the true safety issues may be difficult to discover.


It is not difficult to find success stories online when searching ibogaine treatments. It is impossible to tell, however, what the ratio of success to failures is. The negative reviews may not be as easy to find. There are mentions of treatment of young people whose parents have sent them to treatment. There are also reviews from addicts stating their ability to escape withdrawal symptoms and find the true reason for their addiction. It is easy to find ibogaine treatment reviews and testimonials online. It is important to read reviews from different sources to gain a realistic idea of the treatment. Factual literature on ibogaine treatments can also help you better understand why it is used for addiction treatment.

Health Issues and Fatalities

There are some major health complications that may be associated with ibogaine treatments. The number of fatalities in an 18-year time span study topped out at 19. This is a low ratio when you consider the large number of treatment facilities. There are some known issues that need to be addressed for ibogaine treatment to become more widely available. Neurotoxic effects are unknown, as they have been studied on rats only. The main issues are heart and liver related. It is necessary for a qualified doctor to run an EKG and blood work before ibogaine treatment is initiated. Regulated clinics are more likely to adhere to these standards.

Certain health complications automatically eliminate the patient from treatment. Ibogaine can also react with other drugs in the system. It is necessary for patients to be watched properly so that they do not use any drugs prior to treatment. Women are also more sensitive to the effects of ibogaine, therefore doses should be adjusted depending on gender. Precautions are also taken when HIV or hepatitis show up. There has not been enough research to understand the effects of ibogaine with these specific health issues.

Location of Treatment

The location of the treatment center is an important part of treatment safety. There are no qualified centers in the United States. Treatment found in the United States is illegal and not regulated by any safety protocols. South America, Mexico, and Canada are common treatment locations. These areas have some regulations that help maintain quality treatment. There are some clinics, however, that still practice outside of these standards. it is important to research the location and local laws before choosing a treatment center.

There are plenty of reviews online that share stories of parents and long-time addicts. These are often seen on sites that support treatment centers, or on the clinic’s own site. It is important to look at information such as statistics and medical research. If you wish to look at reviews, read several from different sources to get a more varied overview. There have been some deaths thought to be related to ibogaine treatment. Heart attacks and liver failure are common concerns. A proper medical evaluation prior to treatment can help identify patients that should not try ibogaine.



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