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Should Parents Help with Homework to Let their Kids Succeed at School

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Traditionally, it is a common practice for parents to help their kids with homework. In fact, teachers and educators have all along encouraged this as a way of bringing in the input of the parent into the learning process. Over the last few decades, however, this traditional practice has come under sharp focus with more learning experts arguing against it.  If your child looks at you and asks “can you do my homework for me?”  You will most likely refuse but offer to help. However, learning experts now say over-involvement of parents in their kids’ homework is counterproductive.

So how do you help your child with homework without causing any problems? This article explores different ideas on the topic to help parents make the right decision.

  • Parental Help With Homework is Necessary

There’s no denying that homework is a struggle for most students. After school, they have no one to turn to when handling difficult problems.  This is where parents come in handy. Even when a parent faces a new concept, it is easier for them to look at the classwork and guide the kid without doing the homework assignment for them. The role of the parent here is to simplify the concept and help the child solve the problem on their own.

  • There Must Be a Balance

The main concern for teachers and learning experts is that some parents take over the homework assignments and deny the child the chance to learn. This is true, especially where the parent realizes the child has struggled a lot with the assignment. While it might seem like you are helping your child, the truth is that you are ruining their learning experience.

Learning is not easy and the child needs to adapt naturally. They will gradually come up with ways to cope with the assignments including creating a study schedule. If you step in every time as a parent, you will deny the child’s growth.

  • How To Help With Homework Effectively

It is understandable that as a parent, you want to help your child grow and progress in every way. However, there are cases where your involvement can cause more harm than good. To avoid this, consider the following when helping your child with homework:

  • Let your child understand that the assignment is for their good and you can only help to a point.
  • Discuss the best plan and strategy to help your child including creating a study planner, study techniques and buying necessary study materials.
  • Review school work to monitor your child’s progress
  • Set the best place for studying
  • Communicate with the teachers regularly for an update on your child’s progress
  • Sit with your child when they study and encourage them where possible
  • Always take the chance to make your child understand the importance of homework.

It is true that homework assignments cause a lot of problems for both students and their parents. As a parent, you should step in to help your child understand the importance of doing their homework. You can help them understand concepts but never complete any problems for them. It is also possible to find more resources for your child if you search for college homework help online.


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One thought on “Should Parents Help with Homework to Let their Kids Succeed at School

  • I think its ok to help your child, that is part of being a parent, to support them , but to do there work
    for them, is a big no no, A child has to learn to be able to do things on there own,so they can better themselves,


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