A 5-Step Guide to Planning a Friends Getaway

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Busy lives can often stand in the way of friendships. If so, there is no time like the present to put some time aside in your diary to head off on a superb holiday with your friends.

It will provide you each with an opportunity to take a break from your daily routine, and will allow you to unwind, reconnect and make many memories together. To get started, read this five-step guide to planning a getaway with friends.

Step One: Plan a Trip in Advance

It’s likely that within your group of friends, you will all have different responsibilities. If you attempt to plan a spontaneous adventure with your friends, it’s likely you’ll be disappointed.

Many of your friends might need to book holiday days at work and organize childcare, which is why planning in advance will ensure everyone has enough time to clear their schedule and take care of their daily responsibilities.

Step Two: Choose a Destination Together

It’s vital everyone is on the same page when booking a holiday. Sit everyone down to suggest different ideas until you find one that fits all your needs.

For instance, you could enjoy many exotic holidays in Canary Islands, as you can book a visit to Lanzarote, Gran Canaria, Tenerife, and Fuerteventura.

Each destination offers something for everyone, including beautiful golden beaches, natural landmarks, a mouth-watering cuisine, a wealth of stores, and unmissable annual events.

Step Three: Setup a Group Chat

Once you have each agreed to enjoy a holiday together, set-up a group chat, so you each will have a forum to offer ideas, send URLs and images, and ask any questions.

It will make it easier to make decisions as a group and to stay on the same page.

Step Four: Don’t Invite Outside the Friendship Group

Inviting people outside of your original friendship group will change the dynamic, as people might feel self-conscious or awkward around people they don’t know well.

Unfortunately, this could lead to tension or resentment during or after a trip. Explain to external friends the situation and maybe head off on a separate trip together in the future.

Step Five: Plan an Itinerary as a Group

As your friendship group will be filled with various personalities, get together to plan a holiday itinerary.

It will ensure you are all on the same wavelength on the activities you want to do together, or you could arrange to split off to ensure you each get to enjoy an activity or attraction.

It will avoid tension or conflict during the break away, so you can all come away from a trip with many wonderful memories.

Yet, you must avoid overstuffing your itinerary with activities, attractions and excursions.

You’re going on a group holiday to spend quality time with your friends, so leave plenty of room in your schedule to relax at the hotel, grab a drink at a local bar, or indulge in a spontaneous activity, which will provide a more organic holiday experience.


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