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Protect Your Property from Illegal Subletting on Airbnb.

Online marketplaces, such as Airbnb, offer an excellent way for landlords and homeowners to earn extra income through short-term renting. However, it’s increasingly becoming an issue that many landlords and property managers are wrestling with. But how exactly is it a problem? Well, some tenants think they have the leeway to become landlords. So, they go behind the landlord’s back and list a property on Airbnb to earn themselves some money.

If this is a problem you’ve experienced before, there are ways to handle it. This post is going to share some tips on how to protect your property from illegal subletting on Airbnb. Read on to find out how.

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1. Be Up-Front and Clear

When taking up new tenants, being clear about the use of the property from the start is the best way to curb subletting. Have a frank conversation with them before they move in, and this is critical especially when dealing with long-term renters. Some tenants can give out the entire property while they’re away while others separate the property into smaller spaces and then rent them out.

Putting everything clearly out there right from the beginning helps to deter any tenant who might have intentions to sublet. Those who are uncomfortable with your policy are free to seek a rental elsewhere, or they should buy their own property and list on Airbnb. Having them inform you when they are going for vacations or when they’re not available for an extended period of time is essential.

2. Add it to the Lease Agreement

As a landlord or property manager, the lease agreement protects you from possible misunderstandings with the tenant. So, be sure to add the issue of subletting on Airbnb to the contract. Violating this clause of the agreement can lead to an eviction notice or even a litigation depending on the number of violations.

As expected, many tenants don’t adhere to the rules let alone even read them. You can reinforce the rules with a clause on occupancy. Typically, the tenant should be clear about the number of people who are going to live in the house. All the occupants should be listed on the lease agreement. Some tenants think this is restrictive, but it’s something you need to do.

You want to prevent problems that come with illegal short-term subletting, such as noise, regular police calls, and property damage.

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3. Monitor Airbnb

Well, this might seem quite tasking. Yes, it is. Many property managers and landlords would spend about two hours every week just to browse through Airbnb listings. But there are now online tools that allow you to monitor the activity on your property 24/7 without you having to manually do it. This will enable you to know with just a simple email alert if your property is subleased.

Also, you get a web dashboard that allows you to manage all the listings that showed up on Airbnb. If you manage a lot of properties or you have multi-unit buildings, such a tool can be quite convenient as it gives you even the exact unit number of the listed property. In the long run, you’re able to prevent illegal subletting and ensure a safe environment for your reliable tenants.

Keep Your Property Safe

Illegal subletting on Airbnb is becoming a big problem today. Some tenants think they can easily make some bucks from their rental property when they’re not available. Even with the lease agreement warning against it, there are tenants who just choose to ignore that and pursue these financial efforts. The good thing is that you can be a step ahead of them by using a tool that monitors Airbnb listing and alerts you within 24 hours when your property gets listed.




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