Proper Packing of Bulky Furniture

Packing becomes tedious when you need to carry along your bulky furniture to the new destination. Moreover, if you are not using movers for this errand, you are up for some physically demanding tasks. Moving furniture is one of the most difficult tasks of moving. 

You need to start with packing the items properly and then loading the same in the transport vehicle. The task does not end here. Now you need to ensure that the furniture reaches the destination safely, and then there is unloading, unpacking and placement of furniture that must be taken care of. 

In this write-up, we focus on some of the important steps to help you pack bulky furniture. After all, packing is the most important part of the safe transportation of bulky furniture. If you do not pack these items properly, they might get damaged and render them useless on arrival. 

If you do not want to go through the hassle of packing all by yourself, you can consider for assistance. But if you decide otherwise, follow these easy steps to make sure that your bulky furniture is packed properly.

Tips to Pack Bulky Furniture

You need to be meticulous when packing heavy items since their safe passage depends on it. Here are some tips to help you with packing them:

Be ready with packing supplies

Bulky items of furniture are also easily breakable. They are susceptible to damage during transit and hence must be packed with utmost caution. You need to arrange for all the packing supplies before you lay your hands on the bulky furniture for packing.

You would need packing supplies such as blankets, cardboard boxes, straps and sheets. These items prove to be handy and useful in packing heavier furniture items. Blankets and sheets keep them safe from scratches and other types of damages. 

Strings and packing tape also come in handy when wrapping bulky furniture. They hold the furniture parts together during transit so that they do not move and break. 

Clean before packing

You must clean the bulkier furniture before you put them in their respective boxes or containers. You can make use of a simple cloth or wet sponge to clean the items. If you are cleaning them using water, ensure that you do not leave any spots since they become very difficult to get rid of. 

Also, you should let the furniture dry a little once you have cleaned it with a wet application. Otherwise, they start accumulating bad odor in containers. 

Packing bulky furniture separately

You must pack all the bulky furniture separately. Doing so would help you to transport them with ease and also unpacking them would be very easy. 

Do not pack them in the same box or package even when you plan to disassemble your furniture. Use smaller or appropriately sized containers to keep different parts. You would find out that it is very easy to put them back together when these parts do not get mixed up.

Moreover, packing different parts of bulky furniture or multiple items together increases the chances of damage. These items will move a lot during the transit, and there is a higher probability of them damaging each other before arrival. 

If you want your bulkier furniture to reach the destination safely, then make sure that you pack them separately.  

Use bubble-wrap where necessary

Some bulky furniture items are also very fragile. You need to ensure that they stay safe in the containers. Wrapping them in sheets or blankets might just not be enough. You must put bubble wrap around them to ensure they do not break and stay safe inside the containers. 

Bubble-wraps should not be put in the transport vehicle as it is. Make sure that your furniture that is packed in bubble wrap is then put into cardboard or a hard container of that sort. This ensures the safety of the items during transit. 


Remember that moving is difficult for almost everyone. This is especially true when you are trying to manage everything on your own (without the assistance of movers) and when it involves moving your bulky furniture too!

Give yourself regular breaks and stop stressing over the pending tasks. It would probably take several days to ensure that the furniture is packed properly and ready for transport. Therefore, you must stay calm and patient. 

Final Thoughts

Proper packing of bulky items is very important when you are relocating. Careless packing would result in heavy damage to the items during the transit, and you will find them in unusable condition upon arrival. Make sure to use the tips mentioned in this write-up to help you pack bulky furniture.

If you are unsure about handling the move with heavy furniture, it would be wise to call up the movers. They are can professionally manage the packing and also the move with proper safety measures.


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