Five Tips for Using Instagram for Business Marketing

Currently, Instagram is a social media site that is used by 1 billion monthly active users. This implies that the social site provides a great opportunity for businesses whereby they can market their products and services without incurring insane costs in terms of advertising expenditure.

Unlike in other giant social media such as Twitter and Facebook, the users of Instagram are more engaged, making it an ideal platform for business marketing and advertising. The most recent Instagram app is allowing users to publish photos on an Instagram Business Profile, which makes it easier for businesses to advertise more through the social site. But how can users take advantage of Instagram for business marketing?

Here are 5 actionable tips for business using Instagram.

  • Showing What the Business Offers in a Creative Way

A business needs to focus on the solution it provides to the customers, as opposed to merely emphasizing on the products offered. Through Instagram, it is very critical for a business to add value to the customers.

It is important not to underestimate the fact that the visual content posted in social media can prove to be an incredible asset, and source of downfall if not properly observed. For the businesses that are service-oriented, it is important to focus on indicating the process of service provision. The business needs to portray its culture and share its mission with the world. Uploading short videos like GIFs will be key in reaching the intended audience.

  • Develop a Winning Profile

Apart from offering solutions to the customers, a business needs to focus on other attributes that seek to grow the business even further. These would include product launch, promotion, or even an event. However, the customers will be attracted to what they believe the business entails. For a business, it is important to switch to an Instagram Business Account, which allows for the creation and publishing of Instagram ads without the need for advertising tools used in Facebook. The best part about Instagram is that businesses can buy Instagram follower for cheap to increase its fan base which even strengthens their account.

  • Take the customers behind the scenes

Naturally, customers are concerned about the source of the products they purchase. Instagram offers businesses with an ideal opportunity of showing customers the whole lifecycle of the products offered. The use of source images is critical in the demonstration of the way products are made right from the raw materials, manufacturing, and distribution.

Due to the fact that every business brainstorms different ideas for growth, it is key for a given business to use the best pictures and posting them on Instagram. The pictures need to be eye-catching so that they can leave the customers talking and engaging about the product or item presented in the picture. Currently, Instagram has a new feature that enables archiving of posts rather than deleting them.

  • Building Anticipation and Offering Exclusivity

Effective marketing campaign calls for businesses to keep their customers interested. A business needs to reward its loyal followers with some exclusive content that is not accessible just to anyone. A business should ensure that the followers are the first to know when a new product or service is launched.

It is essential to create teaser photos, which are meant to satisfy the curiosity or build anticipation among the customers regarding events, office or store openings, as well as new product or service releases.

  • Creating Beautiful Visuals

Because Instagram is all about photos, it is important for businesses to post great content that is capable of making customers engage with the brand. Sharing photos with the utmost visual attraction is very essential for businesses, particularly those involved in online selling in this digital era.

There is evidence that at least 93 percent of decisions for product purchase are attributable to visual appearance, which makes good images for Instagram very critical in social media marketing. In addition to the good photos, it is critical to choose an attractive theme that will inspire or intrigue followers beyond the products.


Following through the tips discussed here is bound to improve the performance of the business as well as attract more customers. The tips have the potential of revolutionizing a business through better performance of a brand. However, it can be challenging to advertise and make marketing for your brand, especially for new businesses. This is where a faster opportunity to grow your business by buying Insta followers recommended by Buildfocus. By purchasing followers, businesses can increase their follower count quickly, which can boost their credibility and visibility on the platform.

There are many businesses that have experienced remarkable success from social media advertising. Many people also use Instagram bots to give their business a boost. Simply turn on the bot’s autopilot and forget it.  The fact that Instagram is less competitive, and its audience is more engaged provided businesses with an opportunity to grow without coughing serious amounts of money in advertising.


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