How can you get more reviews on Amazon?

Becoming a seller on Amazon is a great way of earning a passive income. Although it takes some time and money to succeed in Amazon selling, learning a few techniques to promote sales will help you achieve it quicker. One of such things is to know how to increase your product reviews on the site. Customer reviews are unavoidable in an online marketplace since they are the only source for knowing about the product from a user’s perspective. This article will help you get clarity on how to get reviews on Amazon. The methods of getting reviews should be white hat or legal. Illegal methods will be punished by Amazon since it allows only standard unbiased opinions on the customer review section.

Table of contents

  • Legal ways of increasing customer reviews
  • Quality and responsiveness
  • Amazon’s Vine program
  • Request a Review button
  • Creating an email list
  • Try to remove negative reviews

Legal ways of increasing customer reviews

The most natural way of increasing the number of reviews is to sell some products in the first place. People can talk about your product only when they have used it. So, try to promote your product in some other ways like social media promotion and advertising to reach a set of customers who can at least have a chance to try your product and write feedback. Some of the other legal ways of increasing reviews are using Amazon’s automated follow-up system, Amazon’s Early Reviewer Program, Vine program, good customer service, and responsiveness, etc. Using the Early Reviewer Program, you can easily obtain the initial set of reviews for your product just after the launch.

Quality and responsiveness

Before expecting a positive review from your customer, you must provide a quality product that satisfies him so that he can share his opinion on the marketplace as a review. So, taking care of your finished product and the packaging methods will help increasing the response naturally. After purchase, you should be available to the consumer’s queries in case of any issues with the product.

Amazon’s Vine Program

If you have a new product launched on the site with less than 30 reviews, Amazon provides you an opportunity to get more reviews through this Vine program. Once you have decided to join the Vine program, you should register your brand with Amazon’s brand registry. Then you have to pledge 30 units of your product to the program. These products will be used by Amazon’s rated reviewers responsible for reviewing the Vine products and write their genuine reviews on the site. This is a great way of increasing the reviews that is similar to that of the early reviewer program.

Using the “Request a Review” button

Amazon has launched this new feature of the “Request a Review” button for the sellers in its “Sellers Central Order” reports section. This option will enable you to send follow-up emails to the customers who bought the customers within 30-days of purchase. This is similar to that automated message sent to them before purchasing. This feedback follow-up has some chance of getting more reviews for the product.

Creating an E-mail list

Although there are enough methods on the site itself to get more reviews for your product, it has a disadvantage of using the entire process again when you launch your new product. Also, it takes some time to reach a noticeable amount of reviews. So, you can create an email list with your customers as the subscribers and try to build a brand. This community will help you to promote and get reviews for your product more easily than other techniques. These customers will be more close to you and will be willing to post reviews about your products. Product inserts can be used as a tool to attract customers to your email list.

Try to remove negative reviews

A few negative reviews can cause a noticeable decline in your sales. So, it is important to get rid of negative reviews as it is to gain positive reviews. Some of these negative reviews that do not follow the Amazon guidelines will be deleted by Amazon itself. If you think your competitor is spreading negative reviews, you can approach Amazon’s support along with solid proof for your competitor’s action. A normal negative review without any proof for planned defaming will not be deleted by Amazon. You can try replying to the customer and sort out the difficulties faced by him and ask him to delete that negative review. Contacting the reviewer and Amazon support are the only two ways of decreasing the negative reviews.


It is vital to concentrate on increasing positive and natural reviews to your product to improve sales. You can use various features of Amazon to increase the reviews naturally. However, it will be difficult to gain more positive reviews at the beginning stage of sales. It will pick up within 1 month if you follow any of the listed methods.



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