Your Guide To Beautiful Gifts Of Love.

Saying I love you is one of the most important things to do. We say it to friends, family, children and partners. We might even say it to our pets! Of course, there are many different ways to say I love you. Some might sing it in a song. Others may write a sonnet or poem. We often send greetings cards with words of love inside. And new technologies even allow us to send emoticons of love between smartphones.


On special occasions like Valentines or birthdays, it can be endearing to send a gift as a token of love. The kind of gift you choose may be personal to the recipient, or it may be something more light hearted. There are many beautiful gifts you might choose. Some can be worn. Others invoke other senses, like the aroma of flowers. Of course, there are some gifts that mean more than others.


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A dozen red roses mean intense love and passion. It is an ideal gift to give your girlfriend, fiancée or wife. Some florists will tie the bouquet with ribbon in colors that may also signify love and passion. Pinks and reds have represented love and romance for a long time, so these colors are ideal for this situation.

Lockets are worn on a chain around the neck. This keeps the locket close to the heart. Inside the locket, you can place a lock of hair, a photo, or some other keepsake that you want close to you at all times. Lockets are often given to mothers to keep their children close to heart. They are also the perfect gift to give someone you love. Pictures inside can be of loved ones, family, friends, pets, or anything the wearer loves.

Boxes of chocolates are often given on birthdays and Valentine’s day. They are also given as a thank you or for no particular reason at all. What makes a box of chocolates special is the presentation. When it’s Valentine’s day, you often find lots of boxes of chocolates in a heart shape. The chocolates themselves may be heart shaped too. This symbolizes love, so it can be a lovely gift for the one you love most.

Jewelry has long been associated with tokens of love. Many couples buy each other jewelry for birthdays or other special occasion. Earrings, rings, and necklaces are most popular as gifts. Of course, the ultimate gift of love has to be the engagement ring. A large diamond company came up with the popular idea of giving a diamond ring at the proposal. Because a diamond lasts forever, it certainly does seem to be the most appropriate token of love.

Giving a gift of love can be a wonderful gesture, whatever the occasion. Sometimes, the act of giving is as important as the gift itself. For example, a proposal of marriage goes beyond giving a ring. It is given while the man is on one knee, and is accompanied by the question “Will you marry me”? Next time you give a gift of love, think about how to present it.



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