Is Your Car As Slow As A Snail? Here’s How To Fix It!

Let’s face it: we don’t usually think much about our cars. We fill them up with gas, have them serviced but otherwise we just drive them. When our vehicles work they help us to get from A to B with ease. The trouble is: when they have a fault, they can hinder our daily lives.

Have you noticed your auto has become as slow as a snail recently? You’re sure that your car wasn’t as sluggish when you bought it as it is now. This is a big telltale sign that something is wrong. So, how do you go about fixing the problem?

Before you have your local auto shop take a look at it, try these simple checks first. You could fix the issue and save yourself money in the process!



Check your air filter

Like most things on the planet, your car needs air to breathe. Of course, the motor under the hood will not work if that air contains particulates like dirt and dust. The job of the air filter is to act as a barrier, allowing only air into your engine.

As you can imagine, every so often the air filter will need changing. After all: it’s only made of paper in most instances! If your car feels like it’s towing a house, this could be down to air starvation. A blocked filter will starve the engine of the air that it needs.

The good news is you can replace the air filter yourself in just a couple of minutes using a screwdriver! Manufacturers locate the air filter at the top of the motor in an enclosed box. A replacement air filter will cost just a few bucks.


Use premium gas

There are different types of gas you can buy. The premium 93 octane is a must for certain engines, especially high-performance ones. If you buy regular 89 octane gas, this might be the cause of your problems.

As an experiment, fill up with premium gas the next time your tank is low. Does your car now feel like a rocket? If so, you’ve discovered why it was so sluggish!


Have your transmission checked

Does your car have an automatic gearbox? If so, and you have a warning light flash up on your dash, it could have a problem. Check the fluid level with the dipstick. If it’s low, top it up a little until it reaches the required amount.

Most of the time that can solve any problems like sluggish performance or rough gear changes. For anything else, it’s worth having transmission repair work done by a specialist. Normal auto shops don’t have the means to diagnose and repair gearboxes. They’ll just refer you to a specialist anyway!


Unblock any clogged breather hoses

Last, but not least, if the rubber hoses going to your intake get blocked up, that can also cause rough running.  You can unblock them using specialist cleaners. Or, for the same price as the sprays, just buy some new hoses instead.


Good luck!



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