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Winter Season: Best Way to Warm Your Patio Area

As we move to the cooler weather, our days lounging in the backyard seem to be numbered. To warm your patio area, you will need a heater for winter. In addition to getting a heater for winter, I suggest you add a few simple tools to keep your patio area warm well past the Halloween season.

I love being outside in the patio area. However, I’m a total wimp about the cold. In such a situation, you need a list of ways to stay warm outside in your patio area.

Here are some of the best ways to warm your patio area.

On this list, you will find various creative heat sources like fire pit bowls and a rubber mat that has been designed to keep your toes and feet warm. 

Before you get any of the heaters, it is imperative to study hard the patio heater reviews to select the best one according to your needs. 

Once you have selected the best patio heater for winter, follow these best ways to warm your patio area.

Get a fire pit

Due to their portable nature, cost-effective price, and effortless to use, fire pits have become of the favorite ways to warm your patio area. They can use either wood or gas and are traditionally designed to be located low to the ground. This makes them a perfect foil to center seating around. 

You can get a fire pit in various shapes, sizes, and materials. Their aesthetic design and a touch of style to your patio area.

Build a custom fireplace

A fireplace is a scintillating focal point for a patio which creates a sense of permanence. You can add seating and a coffee table around your fireplace and transform an almost forgotten patio into a true outdoor living room.

You can either go for a fireplace custom-built, make it yourself project, or purchase a prehab unit; time and research will provide the right results. 

The materials from outdoor fireplaces can include brick, stone, concrete, or even metal. You can select to fuel it with either gas or wood. While considering the location of your fireplace, contemplate upon low-hanging trees and shrubs, nearby structures, and whether the wind will blow smoke in your neighbor’s yard.

Get a portable fireplace

A portable or prefab fireplace is a smart place for a patio area. It can even be useful in case you shift and want to take your fireplace with you. It is also termed as chimineas; several portable fireplaces have alluring flues. You can even mimic the look of a well-built design without the added permanence.

Build hot tubs and spas

Imagine a frosty December night and a hot tub with a cozy 104 degrees Fahrenheit is waiting for you just outside on your patio or deck. Even if it is snowing, a spa or a hot tub will swiftly assist warm you up and relaxing sore muscles you might have been waiting for. Ensure that you possess a plush robe, slippers, and a towel kept at a nearby space.

Get heated floors

The only way to increase the shelf life of your patio area is by installing radiant heating under the flooring. Heated floors mainly are used to go with interiors and are gaining prominence with outdoor surfaces also. 

Such systems can be used to install to warm up your patio, and they boast the bonus of melting fallen snow or keeping surfaces from getting icy. However, keep in mind that any heated floors should be installed with the help of a professional. This is not a DIY job!

Build an outdoor kitchen

Build an outdoor kitchen in your patio area on a chilly day. Adding a grill, brick pizza oven, or other outdoor cooking gadgets will swiftly heat things. The delicious aromas will make guests want to hang out on the patio area long after dinner time is over.

Get heat lamps

Portable patio heaters are tall, don’t take up much room, and are fueled by propane. You might have probably been warmed by one on the patio of a restaurant while dining outdoors. On average, a single unit can heat an area of 25 square feet, making them an ideal choice for a deck or patios where you would like to eat outdoors all season long. The good thing is that these heat lamps are not super bulky and easy to stash away during the summer months or when they are not being used.

Final Words

These are some of the best ways to warm your patio area. Once you have taken the right decision of purchasing a heater for winter, these things can play a crucial role in ensuring that your patio area remains warm during the cold winter evenings! 

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog. Until we meet again, keep reading and growing!


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