Pixar Shorts Films Collection Volume 3 Comes to Blu-ray and Digital, grab your popcorn and sit back!

I don’t know about your family but, my family enjoy watching anything related to Pixar movies.  The Pixar Shorts Films Collection will definitely be watched over the next few days. Especially since the kids will be out of school soon for Thanksgiving.

As of November 13th a new collection of Pixar Shorts will soon be available on Blu-ray and Digital. From Disney•Pixar and the creative minds who brought you The IncrediblesFinding Nemo and Toy Story comes the studio’s latest collection of delightful and inspiring animated stories – Pixar Shorts: Volume 3.

 Thirteen short films include Oscar® winner Piper (Best Short Film, Animated, 2016) and nominees Sanjay’s Super Team (2015) and Lou (2017). With unforgettable characters, insightful bonus extras, and cutting-edge animation, it’s a must-own for any movie fan!

Everyone will be able to enjoy Pixar Shorts Together For The First Time:




Sanjay’s Super Team

Riley’s First Date?


The Radiator Springs 500 1/2

Party Central

The Blue Umbrella

The Legend Of Mor’du

Partysaurus Rex

There’s even some Bonus features:

Bonus Mini-Movie: Marine Life Interviews

Bonus Mini-Movie: Miss Fritter’s Racing Skoool


You can find this series at

Pixar Short Films Collection: Vol. 3 (Blu-Ray + DVD + Digital)
Pixar Short Films Collection: Vol. 3 (Blu-Ray + DVD + Digital) and many other retailers for $24.99. Don’t forget you can also grab the other Pixar Short Films Collection series.




Disclosure: We were provided a copy from Click Communication, however some opinions expressed are from our own thoughts about the DVD. Releasing this information in accordance to the FTC.


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