Tips to Consider Before You Get Rid of All Your Junk


Got a pile of junk you want to get rid of? Check out Fort Lauderdale junk removal services if you live in the area. Before you call the removal services, it may be better to sort out your junk first. Sorting out a pile of junk is time-consuming and tedious. You can also get a whiff of the dust that may have covered the junk. If you’re allergic to dust, that might spell trouble. If you do have things you want to retain in your possession, you definitely must get your junk sorted out first. Here are a few tips you may want to consider, to get it sorted out.

  1. Before you get started storing the stuff, plan accordingly. First, find a place where you can take out the junk to get sorted. If it’s in your backyard, make sure you do it on a dry, sunny day so you won’t have to worry about the rain. Wear clothes and a face mask that can protect you from the dust.
  2. When sorting out the junk, segregate it according to what the items are made of. Separate clothes from books, for example. Large wooden pieces of furniture, if there are any, should be segregated between the usable and non-usable things. Furniture and other items that are in good condition might still be usable or sellable.
  3. Don’t be hesitant in getting rid of things you’ll just likely store again. If you have received a huge number of cutlery sets over the years, for example, replace your old ones and sell the rest. Old machines can be broken down into parts that can be sold. Nuts and bolts are reusable, so put them in a jar and keep them in your garage. For plastics, glass and scrap metals, you may have the removal services get rid of them for you. Although for big items, like broken exercise equipment, you may have to notify the removal services of such items before they come over.
  4. Selling some of the junk you are trying to get rid of is a great way to earn money on the side. Things like working equipment you don’t need, cutlery and furniture in good condition, and old clothes and toys are just some of the things you can sell. You may also give them away or donate them to people who need them the most.

To prevent you from hoarding another pile of junk, make a list of things you keep in your storage room. Make it a habit of keeping only a certain number of items. For example, you’ll save a certain amount of picture frames and clocks. If you receive more than what you plan on keeping, replace some of the old ones you are using and give away the old ones you have. Also, you should check out what you have stored at least every three months or so to get rid of unwanted junk.




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