5 Major Reasons to Work Overseas

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Most people dream of traveling, or at least, leaving their hometown or country even if only for a short time. Unfortunately, traveling is expensive, and not everyone has the chance to do it.  Working overseas is a good way to have your cake and eat it, too. For a lot of people, it presents a way to travel and see the world while actually getting paid for it.

It’s more than just a reason to travel, though. Here are five more reasons you should consider working abroad.

1.) Find your true calling

Not all of us are born in the places where we could grow best. Your country may, in fact, be poor soil for the seeds that lie inside of you.  A lot of very esoteric or unusual fields may be outright unemployable in your home country.

In these cases, you owe it to yourself to try to find fulfillment elsewhere. Should you choose to go home, you can even use your experience to become a pioneer in your field, right in your home country.

2.) Get paid more

While obviously not true in all situations, most jobs abroad that do get posted in your home country will typically pay as much, if not more than an equivalent domestic posting. Overseas postings also typically have a number of perks and privileges on top of the higher compensation as well. If you’re assigned to a country with a low cost of living, you may even find it easier to save and travel more during holidays and between jobs.

3.) Expand your professional network

Sure, there’s LinkedIn. But let’s face it – building a network in person is a whole different thing altogether. Despite the rise of social media platforms and communications technology, building a global network is still best done through personal meetings, in shared workspaces and over drinks and lunches. Working abroad gives you plenty of opportunities to meet new people in person. Many of those people may even prove crucial to your professional career in the future.

4.) Improve your resume

Experience working abroad in unfamiliar places and with different cultures is quite impressive on any resume.  “Talent mobility” is becoming incredibly important for many recruiters looking for top talent in today’s incredibly competitive workforce, and some indication that you can go wherever the business goes can be a very positive sign.

5.) You can become more multifaceted

Life abroad can change you and make you more understanding of people from different cultures – which is especially true when you have to work with them. You’ll start to see the culture you grew up with in a much different light. You’ll start to let go of old assumptions you had, and find yourself more aware of things that could be improved back home. In short, you become more cosmopolitan.

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