Five Signs That You’re Spoiling Your Child

Spoiling your child might be a compulsion just because you did not have the best childhood.  You might want your kids to have things that you did not have, and that is very admirable considering that you had the experience that you had.  However, you cannot buy a good childhood for your child.  You have to be much more careful with your child, and you need to take a look at the five signs that you are spoiling your child.  If you are having problems with the child, you need to look at yourself and see if you have missed the mark.

  1. Counseling

Going to counseling is a good way for you to learn if you are doing wrong by your child, and the people at can talk to you about some parenting tactics you have used that might not be very good for your kids.  You owe it to your kids to take a look at what you can do to help them, and you can bring the kids in to talk to the counselor, too.  You might not have realized that it started with you, but this is a good way for you to learn.

  1. Entitlement

Everyone is going to have a little bit of entitlement in them, but the kids who feel like you will literally take care of everything are the kids that show that you might have spoiled them.  They assume that they do not have to do anything because they know that you will take care of it.  You could have started this yourself, and you have to make it stop because it will not end until you decide to fix the problem.

  1. You Hover

You are hovering too much when you are always around your kids and they cannot handle little things on their own.  Your kids need too be able to order their own food, ask for a refill in a restaurant, and go to the restroom on their own.  You want your kids to learn how to get the mail and pump gas.  You want them to know how to pay for things in the store, and you need to sit back and let them play on the playground without your interference.

  1. They Are Rude

Kids can easily choose to be rude on their own even if you are very nice person.  However, a spoiled child is going to act rude because they think that they can get away with anything.  You are spoiling them when they do not fear any consequences at all.

  1. They Lie

Kids that lie are spoiled because they figure that they can lie to anyone and get away with it.  There are a lot of people who will continue to lie because no parent ever stopped them.

There are many parents who have spoiled their kids, and they are going to make it very hard for these kids to grow up normally because these kids hold onto behaviors that are not healthy.


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