How to Personalize Common Valentines & Anniversary Gifts

Wondering how to get away with Valentine clichés?

You don’t have to overstretch yourself to be original and innovative. All you have to do is put some tender thought into what you feel and let the old ways of romance take their course. There are reasons for many of Valentine customs, so simply adding a little twist to them can be even more unexpected than what one would consider an outside-the-box solution.

Chocolate of Choice

Chocolate is the most famous choice among Valentine gifts, which doesn’t surprise since chocolate is known to increase pleasure by releasing dopamine, which puts you in the mood for love. Here are some ways you can make this sweet romance drug feel like a more thoughtful gift and not just an easy first pick solution.

Get creative with a personalized chocolate wrapper, or find a custom chocolate mold. You can even combine this and get one for your kid, with a Wonka wrapper and a golden ticket! If you feel like experimenting, you can buy molds and try DIY chocolate that best suits your partner’s taste.

Painted Photo

Instead of just framing a photo of you two, pick a picture that brings back romantic memories but also has an artistic feel to it. Find an artist whose style best conveys the feeling you have for your significant other, and then really transform the photo into a piece of art.

If you’re not an artist yourself, you can click here to visit instapainting, browse through galleries, pick an artist and make a quick and easy order. Finding the right photo can also serve as a context to the painting, so choose wisely.

Meaningful Bouquet

Flowers and romance have a long tradition – which is why you shouldn’t give it up but give it a go! Flowers are not just a decoration with a nice scent but they also have their meanings. These were used to get across messages of unspoken or inexpressible affections.

So, get to know the symbolism of flowers and create a meaningful bouquet out of various symbols that express all the sincerity, tenderness, passion or silliness you hold dear with your partner. Alternatively, you can choose both the flowers and the design and order your bouquet online.

Wanderlust Wine

Wine is a popular choice as it helps you unwind which, in turn, increases closeness and intimacy. Your brain produces oxytocin, the “love hormone”, which is one of the key compounds that serve to arouse love and sex drive. So how can you turn a plain bottle of wine into a surprise?

As with the chocolates, you can customize the label – the internet can provide you with various templates in this! If you’re unsure of which wine to pick, go and do wine tasting or just play around with some of the fun wine quizzes online.

Another idea can be to order wine from a country you’d wish to visit together. Maybe even hint at spending your next holiday there this way.

Ever After Jewels

Jewelry has been used as a love token throughout history for many reasons. Some of them being the longevity of such a token. Flowers wither, but diamonds are forever, right? Sometimes these were engraved, or they held a certain history of their own, or they served the purpose of safeguarding another token – a lock of hair or a portrait, for example.

So don’t think of earrings, expensive watches, and cufflinks as just another big expense. Think of it as something that will last for the rest of your lives. So engrave it with words you’d wish to be remembered. Also, look into the meaning of different gemstones, and pick the one that presents your partner with more than just luxury.

Be caring and thoughtful when choosing a gift, because that’s what gifts are remembered for. Don’t hesitate to embrace the old ways, because they too can lead to new romance.


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