5 Considerations in Choosing Flood Lights for Security

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Adding security lights or flood lights is a practical way of brightening the exterior of a house. Strategic placement of flood lights ensures maximum illumination without needing multiple bulbs. Apart from making the outdoor area of a home safer, flood lights are also an excellent feature if you want the option to use the outdoors for recreational activities such as parties, or if you have a pool.

Flood lights come in a variety of sizes and with different specifications. Since it is not possible to be familiar with all available products on the market, selecting the right flood begins by having a clear understanding of the purpose of installing these flood lights.

  1. Choose LED flood lights

A majority of flood lights used today are LED because LED flood lights are energy-efficient and have a longer lifespan. Although the initial cost of LED lights is higher than other types of lighting fixtures, you will save more on your electricity bill, and the quality is also better. LED lights are even brighter and perfect for outdoor installations.

2. Lighting location

Before you start buying flood lights for your property, carefully consider where to locate them. In choosing a location, you need to keep in mind three things: first, each bulb needs to point downwards at a 22-degree angle so that the bulb emits light brightly, yet not directly into anyone’s view. Second, the light coming from the lamps must not point directly towards someone else’s property to avoid invading their privacy. Lastly, the mounting needs to be at least nine feet from the surface of the ground to keep the bulbs away from reach and prevent accidents, especially when someone inadvertently touches the bulbs or comes in contact with them for any reason.

3. Add motion sensors

Another excellent feature to consider when buying flood lights are motion sensors. There are LED flood lights with infrared motion sensors with a sensing range of 180 degrees. These lights pick up heat waves when there is someone or something that enters its sensing range. Depending on the features of the sensor, the light may remain turned on for around one to ten minutes and automatically shut off after that.

4. Lights that operate from dusk till dawn

Rather than LED flood lights with motions sensors, you can also opt for dusk to dawn lights for maximum security. The feature of these lights includes automatic operation as the sun sets and automatic turn-off at sunrise. However, using an LED light that remains on throughout the evening needs to be cleared with your neighbours to ensure that there is no disturbance whatsoever.

5. Aesthetic features

The last consideration you need to make when buying flood lights is the appearance. There are various options available such as lacquered, stainless steel, and copper finish. As much as possible, look for flood lights that will blend in with your house’s exterior design. The LED flood lights should look sleek and inconspicuous once installed. You would not want the lights to be attention-grabbing and bulky.





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