Nutrisystem Week #17 #NSNation

Well here we go again Week #17 and all is well. Didn’t loss any weight, actually I gained a pound but I’m still feeling good. I know there will be times were my weight will go up and down and I’m OK with that as long as I don’t gain the whole 13 pounds back. 
I started a little exercise regiment in hopes of  helping me decrease my weight so next week I’m sure I will be able to report a loss, how much I don’t know and to be honest I’m not worried. I have no longer allowed myself to fall into that self pity feeling.
I’m keeping my head up and my heart open after all Nutrisystem has helped me a immensely. I’m drinking more water now and even if  I binge a little the weekends, with eating something different it’s always a big salad or a meal that is not high in calories.
I just want to live my life of becoming healthier and I have learned so much while on this program. My goal was to loose at least 30lbs or more and so far I have lost 13lbs. It’s better to see some progress then none.
My clothing size has not changed drastically. But there is a difference in my arms, neck and face appears to look thinner.
I THANK YOU NUTRISYSTEM, for believing in me when I didn’t believe in myself!!!!
I say this with a smile today;
I will keep going,
I will not compare my weight loss to others,
I will be happy no matter what,
I will continue to eat healthy even after I’m finish with Nutrisystem
and No Matter What……..I will not look back!

 I will move forward and accomplish my goal no matter how long it may take!!

You too can do the same thing, join Nutrisystem  today or call  (1-866-241-6165) to speak to a representative to get you started.

Disclaimer Statement

The opinions are that of my own. Nutrisystem has given me samples to try and if any questions or concerns come up with this product please contact their PR department.


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