Computer Help!!


 What a week already! 

My poor computer has been giving me the flutters for months and I’m so frustrated! I have been trying to self diagnose it and I think I may have made things worse. With all the new technology in these computers it’s really hard now to pin point what the problem maybe if you are not computer savvy, which I’m not! *smiling*

I know for sure that  my computer is old and overloaded and may even have a virus. There I go again trying to self diagnose! Its been one nightmare after another. I know I need a computer but when your mind is saying buy one but your pocket is saying not now…….I have to listen to my pocket.

So now what do I do, well I figure the best way to handle this problem for now until I can purchase one is to seek some help. The last time my computer gave me the flutters I sent it off and it took the company to long to find the problem and much longer to send it back.Leaving me without a computer for weeks.

This time I think I’m going to find a  faster solution that will involve getting computer help today. I can’t wait any longer , I need to have my computer running up to full capacity. I am looking into a  computer repair service company that can come out to my home and get my computer up to par until I can purchase a new one.

I’m sure it will be more beneficial for me to have someone come to my home then allowing my husband to take my computer into one of those computer shops, again!  I’ll be out of a computer for days even weeks if that happened.

Just think, I can call for IT Support  and before you know it all my worries can be solved. “No More Computer Nightmares”, just a supportive computer service that will offer me a peace of mind!


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