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Should You Have a Bounce House at Your Next Kid’s Party?

Some occasions make you want to jump for joy — like your child’s birthday! You want to make their event a memorable one that they cherish for years. What can you do to delight them?

A bounce house offers a new world for young minds and bodies to explore. It dazzles your child and awakens their imagination. Picture the joy sparkling in their eyes when they look in the backyard and see their birthday surprise!


1. Get Little Bodies Moving 

Did you know that nearly 20% of American children qualify as obese? That doesn’t include those who are merely overweight enough to warrant husky-size jeans. Kids who are obese tend to struggle with their weight as adults, leading to many health woes.

Bounce houses invite the little ones to jump and perform acrobatics — on a safe surface. Depending on the model you choose some welcome climbing and sliding as well. Your kids won’t know they’re getting exercise — they’ll be too focused on the fun. However, you’ll know that your angel is getting the workout they need to develop a robust and fit body. If you are looking at a bounce house for sale versus renting, you can then use it in the future as well, giving kids a great exercise venue!

2. Engage Young Minds on a Mission

You might see plastic painted in vibrant hues — but to your child, a bounce house is a new world. They get to play the starring role of Dora the Explorer. Instantly, their creative mind switches to go. Before you know it, they and their friends have invented five new games in a single afternoon!

Bounce houses can even inspire children’s future career path. You can select models in a variety of themes, such as firefighters or police. Show your pride when your little one brags about how they can climb the big ladder all by themselves.

3. You Don’t Have to Do All The Work 

Some parents shy away from renting a bounce house because they fear they won’t know how to set it up properly. However, you don’t need to stress it. The company you choose will handle all the hard labor, including securing the house, so it doesn’t blow away in the wind. Don’t let your lack of expertise stop you from delighting your big bundle of joy — let the professionals handle the dirty work.

4. Make It a Community Event 

If you’re on a limited budget, maybe you worry about how much renting a bounce house will cost. However, the collective bargaining power of many people pooling their money can put it within reach. Well in advance of the party, talk to the friends and neighbors you plan to invite. Chances are, they’ll welcome a day of entertainment for their little ones. Ask them if they’d split the cost with you. Some may have legitimate financial woes that prohibit them from contributing, but many will agree.

5. Take Turns Watching the Littles 

Another concern some parents express about bounce houses is the need to supervise while the children play. Yes, you do need to monitor your kids for their safety, but who says you have to stand in the afternoon sun by yourself? Wherever a group of parents gathers, you have others to help offset the load. Take turns watching the little ones —  your kids will enjoy playing longer, and you won’t exhaust yourself.

6. Adults Can Enjoy, Too 

Bounce houses are good, clean fun for people of all ages! Adults can enjoy the mental and physical health benefits of this type of play, too. Take off your shoes and climb inside with the kiddos. You’ll elevate your heart rate and lower your risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

7. Naptime Becomes a Breeze 

Do your children complain when naptime or bedtime rolls around? You won’t have to put up with stomping feet and angry tears on bounce house day. Exercise is a natural remedy for insomnia, and your precious angel should have no trouble drifting off to dreamland later in the day. Who knows? They might even go and lie down without you prompting them to do so. Wouldn’t that be a mommy miracle?

8. Your Child Will Cherish the Memories 

Most importantly, your children only experience their youth once. You want them to look back at this time in their lives as joyous. Why not splurge a little to make their big day extra-special?

If you’re the crafty or photographic sort, you’ll find ample opportunities for shots to add to the scrapbook on bounce house day. The best photos capture the magic of the moment, so try to catch the delight on your child’s face as they play with their friends. Someday, you can pass this scrapbook on, and your little ones will treasure it always.

Yes, You Should Have a Bounce House at Your Next Party

Should you have a bounce house at your next party? Absolutely! You can delight your child and their friends and create memories that last a lifetime.



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