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Now You’re Cooking – 5 Secrets That Will Change Your Cooking Forever

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If your idea of cooking consists of allocating enough prep time for ordering pizza or scraping burnt pieces off your plate, then it might be time to re-educate yourself. There’s no denying that cooking can take a certain amount of skill and knack, but it can also be a case of having the right appliances, cookware, and knowing a few secrets of the trade. If you’re tired of hearing the smoke alarm cheering you on every time you set foot near the oven, it might be time to try these tactful tips below.

Invest in Cookware

Your great grandma’s old pot set might have been okay when you first moved out of your parent’s home, but as you establish yourself and build a family, you need to consider purchasing things that will enhance your meal preparation experience, such as induction cookware. Once you upgrade your stove to an induction cooktop, you will reap the rewards.

Induction technology enables you to benefit from a safer cooking experience, with heat merely between the cookware and stovetop. What’s more, pot and pans with induction technology are easier to clean than traditional ones, while cooking food faster and safely.

Marinade Longer

Have you been left disappointed by flavorless meat, even though you left it marinating in the fridge for an hour? Although you use the freshest and highest quality herbs, spices, and sauces, you may not be able to infuse the flavors as well as you would like. Instead of treating marinades like an afterthought, make them the star. Let your meat absorb the flavors for at least two days – helping to both carry the taste into the meat and make it tender to eat. Additionally, Beginner Food recommends that before you begin marinating, be sure to poke holes in your meat with a fork. This will help the meat absorb more flavor as it marinates for a couple days.

Productive Crab Cleaning

Seafood is a delicious delicacy around the world, with crab being one of the most pleasant and expensive. However, along with its high price tag comes the finicky nature of preparing it. If you aren’t a whizz in the kitchen, you may have a battle on your hands. Fortunately, there is a way to ensure you get to enjoy all that delicious crab meat without the high labor toll. As you get down to the final areas of the shell, drop the crab onto a tin plate and listen. The sound of the crab shell hitting the tin will alert you to the areas you still need to attack. Slice minutes off meal preparation time just like that!

Freeze Flat

Have you ever grabbed a tray of ground beef out of the freezer, knowing there’s no way it will defrost in time for dinner? You can solve this problem by altering how you pack goods before you freeze them. Soup, ground meat, stews, and liquids are all quick to thaw when you can flatten and stack them! What’s more, the faster something can freeze, the less likely you are to damage the cell structure and lose nutrients and flavor.

Use a Scale

When it comes to baking, inaccuracy in measurements can ruin your creation. To avoid potential disaster, use a scale for all ingredients. Most recipes offer the weight of something but also provide a cup measurement. Because you don’t know how compacted or heavy the components are in that cup, the results can be inconsistent. Weigh everything from flour through to milk and water. The perfect results will astound you.


Having a natural talent for cooking helps, but it’s not the be-all and end-all of your time in the kitchen. With the right tips and tricks up your sleeve, you might be the next Gordon Ramsay in no time.




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