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How to get tracking information and peace of mind?

It’s probably not a secret that it’s significantly better to wait for your delivery if you can track this package and understand its current status.

It’s probably not a secret that it’s significantly better to wait for your delivery if you can track this package and understand its current status. Of course, it’s not as crucial as delivery safety because this information doesn’t speed up shipment duration, but it makes you feel calm and relaxed, that’s why almost all local carriers allow you to track the status of your delivery. However, what about international shipment? Is it possible to track this information if you live in the United Kingdom and you are waiting for a package from the United States, for example? Of course, it is possible. So, if you want to figure out how to do this, read our article as soon as possible.


How to track the international shipment?

Fortunately, we live in the 21st century, that’s why there are special services on the Internet, which can help you to track package. However, you should also understand that some companies provide these services for money, while others are too slow, that’s why you should look for the most reliable services, which provide instant information free of charge. For example, you can use pkge.net in order to solve this problem in several clicks. There are a lot of websites, which force to select your country, enter your order number, postal code and other types of useless information, while pkge.net only requires the order number and that’s all. This website cooperates with more than 100 delivery services from other countries (the United States, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, the Netherlands and a lot of other countries are available), that’s why we are almost sure that you will manage to track your shipment via this service. So, just type the tracking number in and wait several seconds to get the result.

 Frequently asked questions

What should I do if I don’t know my number?

It’s probably a common problem for customers: they don’t know their number. In fact, each parcel has its own unique tracking number. If you want to find this number, you should visit your online shop and check it in the appropriate section. If you will not manage to find this information on the website, you can contact your seller and discuss this information personally. In addition, some online shops send the tracking number via email, that’s why make sure that you didn’t miss this important letter. In most cases, this code looks like a combination of 13 numbers. In addition, international shipments also have two letters at the beginning, which may differ according to the weight of your shipment.

Is it possible to track my shipment right after sending the parcel?

It takes from two days to one week to get this opportunity. The delivery company has to register your order. Only after that you will get an opportunity to track the status.

What is the duration of shipment?

It depends on the distance and shipment service, which your seller uses. Usually, it takes several weeks to deliver your order.

What should I do if my shipment is non-trackable?

If your shipment doesn’t have the tracker, you have to wait for the message from the post office in your country because it’s impossible to track this shipment in another way.


Therefore, it’s extremely simple to figure out the current status of your shipment if you are ready to follow our advice. Choose the most comfortable and reliable online checker, type the required information and figure out all the important info about your package.



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