New To PC Gaming? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

As exciting as gaming is, beginner gamer need to get hold of certain basics and important stuff. Find the best gaming PCs the suits to your budget.


Purchase A Computer That Includes Both an SSD and A Hard Drive

Solid State Drives are faster at reading and writing data, but they are more expensive. Because hard drive discs are less expensive, you can acquire more storage for less money. Downloading your operating system to your SSD will allow you to turn on your computer faster and download games to your HDD.

Although accessing data from an HDD is slower, having both is beneficial because it is unnecessary to have all of your data on your SSD. Some games are over 100 GB in size, which is a significant amount of data.

For the same price as a 500 GB SSD, you can get around 2 TB of HDD space, depending on the brand.

Download Discord

Within the gaming world, Discord is a popular audio communication tool. It also allows users to communicate for free via text, image, and video. Discord servers are used for communication, and these servers are dedicated to a variety of purposes.

You can, for example, find a server for a variety of games on the market, and within the servers, you can communicate with other players to get game tips and tricks.

The benefit of Discord is how quickly you can communicate with others because you don’t need an account to communicate with them. If the server you want to join doesn’t require you to create an account, you can start chatting with people as soon as they provide you with the link to their server. To learn more about how to get the most out of your Discord experience, check out this comprehensive guide on Discord subscription bots.

Pay Attention to Your Comfort

People spend hours sitting in front of their computers playing games because they are addictive and entertaining. However, having a comfortable workplace, such as a good chair and workstation, is critical because it might affect your health.

Make Sure Your Computer Is Clean

We frequently see people who are careless with their gaming computers and forget to maintain them clean. This can easily destroy your computer, and you may have to fix it several times. It is best to clean your computer regularly and avoid allowing dust or debris to accumulate on it.

Keep An Eye on Reddit

If you haven’t already done so, now is the time to join the Reddit community and create an account. You can find several gaming forums on Reddit to discuss games and gain vital tips and strategies.

Design Your Sensitivity Controls

Many games allow you to move around the game using varying mouse sensitivity. It’s tempting to copy someone else’s sensitivity or use the default simply, but it’s preferable to create your own.

The reason it’s best to make your own is that your sensitivity influences how you play. If you prefer to play at a slower pace and have a greater sense of your surroundings, a lower sensitivity may be preferable. On the other hand, a higher sensitivity will allow you to respond faster and play more aggressively.

There is also the option of maintaining your sense in the middle for a playstyle that combines the best of both worlds. They all have advantages and disadvantages, and it is up to you to decide which is best for you.

Check Out Mods

One of the most appealing aspects of owning a gaming PC is applying mods and transforming a game into something completely different. This is a luxury that many console video gamers do not have.

If you enjoyed a game and are disappointed that it has ended, you may always look for mods on the internet. You might be able to use these mods to add a new storyline to your game, as well as new characters. For example, if you’re playing Fallout 4, you can get the latest mods and unlock all of the game’s interesting features.

Select the Appropriate Peripherals

You’ve invested a significant amount of money in your CPU and display, so it’s only right that you complement them with high-quality accessories. If you play the game with a standard mouse, keyboard, and headphones, you will not fully appreciate the experience.

It is suggested that you spend a little more on this equipment and acquire a Razer gaming mouse, keyboard, and headset with additional capabilities.


All the best for your first gaming experience!




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