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The Dangers Of Leaking Pipes

Unexpected damage to the home is every homeowner’s worst nightmare. Repair to the home, especially if it’s structural, can come at a very high price that can leave you out of pocket or in debt if you’re not prepared. By taking some necessary precautions, you can help safeguard your family’s health and financial well-being. 

Even a small leak can pose a health and safety concern, so it’s always best to act as soon as possible.

Let’s take a look at some of the dangers leaking pipes can pose to your household.


Health Effects.

One of the biggest concerns of water leaking has nothing to do with the escaping of water. The effects a leak can have on your health are often a greater threat. Damp spots can lead to black mold or different types of fungus, and these can be a serious concern for your health. 

Mold can lead to an allergic reaction in many, with symptoms such as skin irritation, as well as nose and throat soreness. Itchy and red eyes are another common problem as is coughing and sneezing. Mold can particularly affect people with asthma. Make sure to do regular water leak detection.

Structural Damage.

Leaking water can cause wood to rot and weaken over time, which in turn will compromise the structural integrity of your home. If left alone, these can require costly repairs by professionals. Detecting leaks early is vital if you want to avoid any costly repair bills. 

Can Contaminate Clean Water.

A 2015 study from the University of Sheffield found that contaminates from pipes can enter into the water network through a leak. The drop in water because of the leak allows contaminants to enter the system which later travels onwards and enters the entire system. Dynamic pressure drops when there is a sudden change in velocity in a pipe – i.e when it bursts. 

 If the pipe carries drinking water it can result in contaminating the drinking water for the entire area. 

 The Dangers Of Leaking Pipes

Photo by Samuel Sianipar on Unsplash 

Fire Risk.

One of the most frightening things a leak can lead to is a fire in or around your property. If leaking water reaches your electrical supply or any loose wires, it can cause a short circuit which could provoke a spark that could easily start a fire.

A fire is not only a potentially lethal concern for you and your family but for all those who live around you. If you happen to notice any water dripping anywhere near your electrical wiring, then it would be best to call an emergency service plumber immediately.

The Bottom Line.

Finding a leak in your house can pose many problems beyond the obvious initial inconveniences. Leaking water can pose a whole host of problems for your health. Leaks can produce different types of mold and fungus, which can cause allergic reactions in many people, such as skin irritation, red and itchy eyes, and worse.

Leaks can also cause contamination of drinking water for you and whoever is linked to the same water system as you. There are also the costly repairs that water leaks can cause for you which could come as quite a shock to you if you’re not aware of the threats. Avoid any unforeseen health hazards and bills by checking your pipes for leaks regularly.


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