Must-Dos Before You Hop on Your Vacation Flight

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People love to travel, and air traveling is definitely the most popular choice for transport. It is fast and widely available, allowing you to travel to other countries and continents, as well as places you can hardly reach otherwise. Because of the popularity and frequency of traveling people do, this transportation method has also become much more affordable than it used to be in the past.

Have you purchased your plane tickets and booked your accommodation? Perhaps you even reserved a rental car and bought some tickets online? You can check off all these from your list – all that is left now is prepare for the actual traveling experience.

To make it worry-free and as smooth as possible stick to our list of 8 to-dos before you hop on a flight.

1.    Research your Trip

Before you get to your chosen destination, do some research to get familiarized with it. Research should take only a small amount of your time and provide you with important information regarding your expectations, behaviors, and ways to avoid unnecessary or hidden fees.

Your plane ticket is booked, but do you know how to get from the airport to the hotel you’ve booked? Check the most suitable transportation for you and print out some information if necessary. Also, check your travel insurance and be informed of what to do in case of delays or other travel problems.

2.    Have Your Documents Ready

Gather your passport, IDs, visa (if you need one), as well as other documents you might need for your travel. Double-check if you have them with you before leaving for the airport.

Ensure that all documents are valid and up-to-date as soon as you start planning your trip. If your passport or state ID are expired, replace them as soon as possible.

3.    Get Travel Insurance

Having travel insurance is the obvious step to take when traveling nowadays. Select the best insurance you can afford to cover medical expenses, personal property loss, as well as transportation expenses. See what the insurance covers in the country you are visiting.

By doing this, you are ensuring a worry-free travel experience. Travel insurances cover many things, including sickness abroad, flight delays, and even situations where you lose your luggage.

4.    Take Care of Your Health

Surely, you cannot know what your health will be like while you are traveling or residing in another country, but you should definitely be prepared. Get some immunization if it is necessary for the region you are traveling too, and make sure you have the proof of immunization with you. Some countries require this from visitors.

If you are suffering from allergies or any other health condition, fill in your prescriptions before your flight.

5.    Prep Your Home

Make sure that you leave your home secure and safe. Double-check the locks, set up care for your children or pets, place a hold on mail, get a house sitter, and turn everything off before leaving. You should leave your home certain that everything is in place.

6.    Secure the Finances

Have several payment options available, including credit cards and cash. You might prefer to use one over the other, but your best financial precaution is to have them both.

In case your credit card of cash gets lost or stolen, you have the other option to rely on.

7.    Pack Smart

Learn how to maximize luggage space and what to put in your luggage before you get to the airport. You must respect the weight and size allowed by the airline company you are flying with if you want to avoid additional expenses.

Before you go on your trip, check the weather forecast. This should tell you what and how much to pack for the trip.

8.    Learn the Drill

There are specific rules that apply to every airport security, so make sure to know the drill before you catch your plane. Get to the airport at least two hours before takeoff, keep your documents within reach and make sure that you don’t carry items in your carry bag that aren’t allowed.

These tips should prep you for your next airplane travel experience. Cross off everything of this checklist and you are ready to go!


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